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    Default Newish Boxer, My Plan and Questions, Looking for Opinions/Explanations

    So I'm thinking of doing a 5 Man, Undead Warrior, Priest, Warlock x3. Getting to 14ish and leveling exclusively in dungeons accept to take my main (1 warlock, freeish mount) out in the world and grab dungeon quests to be shared with the rest. (pretty sure this still works anyway, except for pre-req quests of course). I'm a novice with ISBoxer, have used in FFXIV and EverQuest to a lesser extent, but I never really got good at it. So I have a few questions.

    1. If someone comes at me reporting me, should I just stay calm, explain that I'm boxing and not botting, and then go about my business. If a GM comes at me, same approach?

    2. Follow up question, I'm thinking about just leveling my main Warlock first (just to get a feel for everything again), then 2 Warlocks to 14, and then leveling the Warrior, Priest to 14. I figure this would circumvent getting reported so much, or is this completely unnecessary and I should just do all 5 from the start?

    3. ISBoxer Question. When you use the Wizard, it automatically creates 1 thru =. I see checkboxes to add shift, ctrl, and alt to do something as well, but I can't figure out if that is what activates the ability to broadcast shift+1, ctrl+1, alt+1, ect. Because I can't figure out how to get shift+1, ect to work. When I change the keybinds on my second account to shift+1 ect, it still just does 1 without the shift when I hit shift+1 on my main window. I feel like there is something stupid simple I am missing and this is severely holding me back. Please enlighten me.

    Thanks for help in advance.

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    Warrior+Priest+3Warlocks is likely a great team and works well on both Horde and Alliance. Often people want to mix into teams at least 1 Mage for food/water/ports but personally I think ports are overrated relatively and if I understand correctly a Priest+Warlock+Warrior team shouldn't need any food and minimal water so you may be set...

    Unless there are other considerations (like iRL friends on other servers) I respectfully recommend you try to get on one of the following servers where Classic Multi-box Communities are forming:

    • Region.. : Faction. : Type: Server.. : Guild Name : Primary Point of Contact;
    • Americas : Alliance : PVP : Herod... : <TBD>..... : Nodoze;
    • Americas : Horde... : PVP : Herod... : <Overload> : Zal;
    • Americas : Alliance : PVE : Pagel... : <TBD>..... : TBD;
    • Americas : Horde... : PVE : TBD..... : <TBD>..... : TBD;
    • Europe.. : Alliance : PVP : Shazzrah : <TBD>..... : TBD;
    • Europe.. : Horde... : PVP : Shazzrah : <TBD>..... : TBD;
    • Europe.. : Alliance : PVE : Pyrewood : <TBD>..... : TBD;
    • Europe.. : Horde... : PVE : Pyrewood : <TBD>..... : TBD;
    • Oceanic. : Alliance : PVP : Arugal.. : <TBD>..... : TBD;
    • Oceanic. : Horde... : PVP : Arugal.. : <TBD>..... : TBD;
    • Oceanic. : Alliance : PVE : Remulos. : <TBD>..... : TBD;
    • Oceanic. : Horde... : PVE : Remulos. : <TBD>..... : TBD;

    Note: The above is just a quick copy/paste at a point in time from the 'List of Classic WoW Multibox Teams'and may quickly become out of date. If you want to get as up to date info as possible as to which groups are on which servers (and related contact info) I respectfully recommend you CLICK HERE.

    1) Yes absolutely. Feel free to /ignore other players if you politely reply and they harass you and you can even report them if they go overboard. Over the years I had a few GMs reach out to me and with respectful dialog I never had any issues and even became friends with one GM who was interested in the topic and he would come do cool stuff periodically.

    2) I would just do all 5 from the start though I would stay away from the kill X & loot Y quests where you can. That is where you can get into contention with others and it is inefficient for you if each of your 5 characters has to loot a different mob for progression. Can cause unneeded drama with other regular players trying to do their quest and is inefficient for you anyway.

    3) Sorry I cant help here yet but hopefully others can. The last time I 5boxed or 10boxed WoW was WoTLK and I only re-enabled 1 subscription during the beta & 4 more right before name reservations. Now that I have 5 subscriptions active I plan to try to setup ISBoxer on regular live WoW in prep for Classic launch but there may be differences that I won't understand until Classic is unlocked. I will likely create a similar team composition on live and group them up and level up some just to prep even though I know it won't be 100% accurate representation of what Classic will be when unlocked.

    The above being said (err typed), I am definitely going to watch this thread because any help you get on your 3rd Question will likely help me also. If you don't get responses in a timely enough manner you may want to go see if there is a Classic WoW sub-forum in the ISBoxer forums as there may already be guides there... There may also be some guides &/or good threads in this Classic WoW sub-forum as well (try searching with the Advanced Search Feature). I have seen some stuff related to these topics but not sure where/when/etc as things tend to blur together in my head and I typically don't focus too much on something until I am ready to actually tackle it (and not much I could do with only 1 subscription)...
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    1. Just be honest. I have had no issues talking to GMs. They are well aware of our gameplay style and I have never had one behave unprofessionally toward me while multiboxing. As for players, you can try to respond to them in a civil manner if you have the time but there is no requirement that you acknowledge their presence.

    2. Do not worry about trying to behave in a such a way as to not get reported. You *will* get reported. A lot. Unless you are acting like a bot or being a disruptive asshole or abusing a mechanic that is a known bug that they haven't fixed, you should be fine. The people I see complaining about getting banned are 99.99937% of the time doing one or more of the above. Don't be evil (and unlike Google, you can't hide douchebaggery behind plausible deniability).

    3. You might get a better answer in the ISBoxer discord. That said, posting your profile will make analysis of your setup - and identifying problems therein - easier.
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    I believe I figured out the modifier problem. To get shift+1 to work, you have to go in and set up keybinds within WoW on every single character for it to start working, otherwise shift+1 will just fire off 1. So since I wanted to use shift+1 on just one of the characters I had to create a keybind on all of them and just leave them unused on the other characters. I'm pretty sure there is a better way to do this with assigning slots and whatnot, but instructions on that kind of thing make no sense to me or they are very vague.

    Thank you for all the advice and tips thus far!

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