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    Default Army of level 35 alts for mass afk cashola

    I am new to multiboxing but I had an idea that might be kinda harebrained but I thought I'd ask here before I waste too much time researching it.

    Basically plan would be to level a mage main to 60 then begin 5 boxing toons to level 35 in order to max two of either tailoring, alchemy or leatherworking. As you guys are probably aware all these professions have cooldowns. Tailoring 4 day mooncloth for truefaith,archmage and some other stuff straight away and then some more for ZG patch. Alchemy for arcanite, and then leatherworking for cured rugged hide salt shaker cooldown for rogue/warr/hunter preraid BS.

    I am going to have a lot of spare time come launch, but come the new year I will not have that much, and like the idea of just forgetting about ever farming gold again. I would level as many 5 box teams as I could to 35 (up to ten right?) (50 toons total)

    Is this scheme too crazy or are there other alternatives that would work better...

    I would probs do a few to level 60 later on for fun but mainly just want to feed my main with massg primarily.

    Also there is a cool vid of aoe farming rfc done by kargoz, not possible to use that technique multiboxing right? Here is the video:

    What would be the fastest teams to level 35?
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    A little over a month ago is when I got interested in multiboxing, so I made 5 retail accounts and started learning how to use ISBoxer (the main multiboxing software). I'm still very new to it and learn new stuff constantly. I can definitively say that I'd be screwed if I wanted to multibox (to my standards) on release with minimal knowledge or practice. There's just way too many things to learn and it takes a long time. If you're going to do this I recommend practicing it first because it is a LOT of work to learn, setup, maintain, and execute properly - which you probably won't want to take the time to do once classic has already arrived. If you're simply leveling some teams to 35 then it won't be too much work though. However I am planning on 5 manning dungeons at 60

    And yes you can do lots of aoe dungeon grinding as a multiboxer

    The fastest team to level 35 would be either 5 hunters or a dungeon grinding team (melee cleave or spell cleave), but a dungeon grinding team takes a lot more planning, setup, and practice.

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    I've done 4 man mono-class teams. Shaman were the fastest if I could gear them out. Without gear, I had great success with both warlocks and mages.

    Shaman - kill elites in dungeons. chain lightning, insta chain, earth shock -- usually enough to get most of a pull dead. Same deal in pvp, btw.

    Warlocks - run around outside and throw dots at everything as you run by. Xp speed comes from never having to stop.

    Fire mages (FIRE!) - pure glass cannons -- all spell power -- all specs into pyroblast, fireball, fire, fire, FIRE FIRE!!! I mostly fought with these outdoors. Again, never having to stop...find someplace where the mobs don't run out and it turns into non-stop xp.

    Warlocks were by far the simplest, since they just run along and drop 1 or two dots each. You literally never need to stop. They are also fairly safe against world pvp since 8 dots (10 in your case) will wipe someone quickly. Additionally, they don't need to be facing whatever they are casting.

    If you are geared out, I can't imagine anything better than a group of shaman wiping whole pulls at once in dungeons. The xp from this was insane. I never tried it without equipment provided by upper level characters, but I was also only using 4. No tanks or healers needed.

    I'm weighing my options for vanilla and leaning toward doing warlocks again, myself, at least for the start, just due to the simplicity.
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    My big complaint with mages was resists. Some dungeons/mobs were heavily resistant to my primary spec damage type, making them either unkillable or very tedious due to a lack of efficiency when using alternate spells. Spell hit was OK but when you have e.g. elementals that are immune to your damage type, it's a real PITA. And this is classic, so it's not like you can just go respec every dungeon without being a gold farmer's family member.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yeahmate View Post
    Alchemy for arcanite, and then leatherworking for cured rugged hide salt shaker cooldown
    According to wowhead classic, Arcanite and the salt shaker were added in patch 1.13 and classic is running version 1.12

    Best check the classic beta to make sure its there.

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    wowhead lists a lot of things as 1.13 as that is when wowhead started up (started scraping data from the game). Of course, it being in the beta or not is the best available authority.

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    1.13 is Classic. (if you google it you get 2018 WoW Classic)

    1.12.1 is the latest vanilla version of wow.

    It should be there although I am not 100% sure it is in phase 1 although I assume it will be there in phase 1.
    wowhead lists them as being added in 1.11.1 (I though it was earlier, but don't remember but though they was used for most or all of vanilla)

    And yes I am intending to lvl as many characters as I can to lvl 35. Probably powerlevel 4 at a time in dungeons if that method works.
    I want to focus on making a team of lvl 60 and gear them first, but the earlier I make profession characters the quicklier I can start earning gold with them... The value of items might be extra high early on also because of low supply.

    On my first team I intend to start with: 1 skinning, 1 enchanting, 4 tailoring, 1 LW (might just lvl a few lvls to disenchant) 1 herbalism, 1 mining.
    The biggest issue with my main team is that I want everyone to get engineering eventually... Also kinda want to have crafting professions on my main team since a bunch of recipes are locked behind reputation or drops.
    4 tailoring + enchanting + 5 engineering = no gathering professions and not much crafting... Hard to really decide.

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    Thank you for all your replies guys!

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnGabriel View Post
    According to wowhead classic, Arcanite and the salt shaker were added in patch 1.13 and classic is running version 1.12

    Best check the classic beta to make sure its there.
    Hey thanks for your reply defs valid concerns here, however if you read the comment on each of those items you can see imported comments from thottbot that talk about them in earnest etc as early as patch 1.2 for salt shaker, am I wrong here?

    Basically the reason for the haste during phase one would be because the value of these cooldowns should be astronomical at fresh launch hopefully, settling down later on but still profitable for some sweet afk gold

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    All those CD skills were in the game way early in vanilla, I'm 99.9% sure they will be in phase 1, ask someone with beta to confirm.

    I would more worried about how are you going to skill up your professions across so many toons, especially early on. Are you going to farm all the mats or buy them from AH, probably both cause you will need ALOT. While you can probably get enough low level mats, higher level mats are going to be scarce and expensive.

    Just want to point this out, so you (and others planning similar thing) can be more prepared.

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    I am thinking of combining this with my plan of having Warlocks strategically placed around the world for summoning. I have 8 accounts in retail, so I might just keep all 8 active, even if I only plan on boxing 5 in classic. I was originally going to just make most of my characters have Alchemy for transmutes, but that might not always be the best profession for certain characters.

    If I have 3 warlocks each at places like Scarlet Monastery, Blackrock Depths, Dire Maul, Stratholme, I can always summon another random toon, hearth a warlock, grab mats from the mail, and use the crafting cooldowns, mail it back to the bank toon, get summoned back, then rinse/repeat for the other locks.

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