I think I mentioned this or read about it on here a while ago, but hot dog!! Leveling up a new set in a while, casually doing the LFD mixed with questing, hit 59 or 60 last night and queued up for a TBC dungeon instead of doing Lower Blackrock Spire... holy cow.

The bosses in LBRS had 80k hp!!
Were talking 23-40k on the bosses in Ramparts.

The mobs gave double the exp and had half the health!!
How has this gone on for so long?

Blowing through that dungeon felt great, but then it also felt like my runspeed in vanilla could of been faster if I just choose to quest, which some of those collect quests just aren't worth it.

Just a stream of conscious, it was a good thing to have it quicker/easier but they need to fix "something".