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    Default Q for hunter teams: Draenai

    Rebuilding my hunter team, going well.

    In legion I had a Draenai pally team and used pro healing to cast 5x Gift of Naru on a single target.
    It was great.

    Does anyone have a Draenai hunter team, and doing the same in BFA?
    If so, do the lower hps on hunters affect the heals?

    Ill probably test with some 110 trial chars but the game changes greatly at 120 and ilvl.


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    I have 4 of them with a Shaman healer, and have only used the heal as a self heal for a defensive cooldown, that was also tied in with exhilaration.
    If I had 5 though with no true healer this would definitely be a nice option to have.
    I realize I'm not answering your question but I always questioned myself on picking this race for my hunters and it makes sense that's a huge benefit if there is no healer around.
    Thought for sure the Lightforge had a sweet heal too, but they do not.

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    Light Forged Draenei allied racial only heal when they die afaik ?
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    Thanks for the input.

    Just to report my findings.

    The draenai heal is 20% still of the hunters hp. I noticed the difference from my prot pallys due to their large hp base, but as a team of 110 hunters in trial gear, it all balanced out as their hps were on par with each other.

    Using pro healing, click to heal, I was able to get a 100% (x5 hunters castin on a single hunter) heal over the 5 sec duration.
    Using 4 hunters, In a group with my tank, this was about 60% due to 4x casts on the tank, plus the tanks larger hp pool to heal.

    Now the fun part was casting 5x naruu on a clefthoof. =)

    The lightforged draenai would be cool for their aoe but yes, it only fires on death.

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