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  • Good Ranged DPS kiting

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  • Good AOE farm 3 mages 1 pal 1 lock

    1 100.00%
  • Trinity War/mage/mage/lock/priest

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  • Invincible but slow 4 pal 1 lock

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    Default Best 5man combo to farm gold at level 60

    I posted earlier saying I wanted to go into raids with the 5 man farm team and kill some trash, thinking that if my guild had a partial clear I might find some killable mobs. I think they might be killable once I get near BiS preraid gear for my 5 man.

    If this is possible what combo would be best?
    a super DPS that kites,
    a balanced trinity,
    or a super tough all plate army with a pocket lock to summons them back after repairs/selling.

    5Ang army

    attached my current practice team
    Attached Images Attached Images  
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