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  • Good Ranged DPS kiting

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  • Good AOE farm 3 mages 1 pal 1 lock

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  • Trinity War/mage/mage/lock/priest

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  • Invincible but slow 4 pal 1 lock

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    Default Best 5man combo to farm gold at level 60

    I posted earlier saying I wanted to go into raids with the 5 man farm team and kill some trash, thinking that if my guild had a partial clear I might find some killable mobs. I think they might be killable once I get near BiS preraid gear for my 5 man.

    If this is possible what combo would be best?
    a super DPS that kites,
    a balanced trinity,
    or a super tough all plate army with a pocket lock to summons them back after repairs/selling.

    5Ang army

    attached my current practice team
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    Quote Originally Posted by ANG853 View Post
    attached my current practice team
    5 boxing wow with DynamicBoxer for isboxer, give it a try!
    (was 8 Boxing Wow with HotKeyNet)
    Boxers welcome on <Beast> US Pvp Horde Kil'Jaeden
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    I'm very much interested in peoples thoughts on the team composition as well.

    Also, what raids did people farm trash on? Looking for particular drops?

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    My main goal is gold through 5 mans, I'll be going 4 warriors & a priest. I think mages will be extremely fun and fast, if not faster...

    Farming strat live for Righteous orbs or Scholomance for Dark Runes are great early in demand items, at the same time you are getting stacks of runecloth which people want for rep/professions, depending on price you can disenchant the boss drops or vendor them for plenty as well..

    Comp may change but I don't really see the need to think about naxx trash farming when its over a year away

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    I'm running 4 characters and plan to split up the team composition.

    Holy Prot pally with damage return gear for AoE farming and pulls, solo or grouped.

    Warlock with Imp Imp/voidwalker that can summon in groups and also AOE. Shadow damage for single target. When running solo he can farm mara and dm for herbs or fire dude in BRD. Herb/Enchanting

    Mage for frost AoE, portals and food. He will be skinning and tailoring.

    Priest for leveling help. He will bubble the main aoe person, be it pally or mage, and also heal. He has buffs and disc/shadow will assist lock in single target damage.

    I can invite a fifth leather or mail wearer, but this comp should be able to handle most dungeons either solo or grouped, plus you have a range of buffs, portals and summoning plus two "free"mounts.

    I consider time traveled in my farming speed.

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    For slightly strange RP reasons I want a priest. I played Priest in Vanilla, leveled with wand dps and healing dungeons ... but the min maxer in me says make the healer a paladin and run as many mages as possible for level 60 aoe dps.

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