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    Default Classic quest chains

    [obvious caveat: the answer to "why aren't you just grinding?" is "because reasons." Next thread.]

    Something I've seen on my roll through the zones in beta is one of those things whose details had become a little hazy: the end of many quest chains include elites or packs that just roflstomp normal players. Some examples seen from my hunter:

    Assault on Fenris Isle (survivable for melee maybe but close quarters is PITA for hunter)
    King of the Foulweald (survivable until I ran outta mana)
    Bloodfury Ripper (uh...I'll come back later. Too much aggro while kiting.)
    WANTED: Baron Vardus (that quest is +10 to
    Humbert's Sword (and the other quest in Dun Garok; even level but too much aggro in the basement)
    Fozruk and the Stromgarde quests (one mob is OK, two plus a voidwalker pet is just painful/tedious/lethal)
    Boulderfist elites in southern Arathi Highlands (slow killing makes aggro/repops a pain)
    Lt. Valorcall and his pack (they're OJ to me at 36...heh)

    Just a few obvious ones that you can get quests to go deal with when the mobs are not only elite but either hard orange or even red to you. By the time my hunter could finish those without multiple deaths due to unfortunate aggro/repops or having to do some silly kite-them-across-the-entire-zone, the quests were green to me. And that's after bouncing around the zones to level up so the starting quests are mostly green. It's gonna be so much fun smashing through these x5 at or under level.
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    yep, elite quests are one of the big advantages to mutliboxing. No need to look for groups all the time. You can just include them in your route and profit from the extra xp from elites

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