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    Lightbulb MultiBoxing on next stress test

    Hey guys, quick question.
    I was thinking of running my 5 man team as a test during the next stress test on 25'th and 26'th of july.

    Do you need to have 5 separate Battle-net accouns with 1 active wow subscription on each Battle-net account, or can you just have 5 active subs on 1 Battle-net account and still be able to play the stress test for each active sub?

    Does anyone have any experience with this from the prev stress tests?
    Bless! =)

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    Have they said that everyone with an active account gets to play in the next stress test? If so, then everyone with an active WoW account, same BNet or not, is going to have access. I haven't looked at how they worded their post, but the previous stress test was like this.
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    I multiboxed on the last stress test. As long as you’re paying for 5 subs then you’ll be able to get in.

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    On the first 2 stress tests you needed multiple bnets to get multiple access because it was under a single "classic beta", like the one "ptr"

    On the last stress test they tested closer to what the final setup is going to be and if you notice you should have "World of Warcraft Classic" in your "Version" dropdown and the Account drop down is separate, so you were able and you will be able to use any account under 1 bnet (or more) that has an active sub
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    Thanks for the information guys, hopefully it works this time too. Happy boxing! Bless!

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