My group is going to consist of
Pally/Mage/Lock/Priest and possibly a hunter.

I plan to pull larger groups and aoe them down. I was hoping I could form a macro that could broadcast to the warlock and priest.

If there is a group of 5 mobs, it would be nice to tap a key and have them each target a different mob in order to place a dot and pull that mob. If there was a way to target the next target, without aiming at a previously dotted target, that would be cool.

Im thinking:
Tab to select a target.
Macro to tell second char to select the next target with both characters casting a dot.
Second macro to tell both characters to target the NEXT target and only cast if that target is clean.

Before I slam my head into my desk trying to create this sucker, I'd love to know if it's actually do able.

The most complex version I can think of would be for every ranged character to select a mob and then began to auto attack with a wand or a bow.

​Any advice would be greatly appreciated.