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    Default ISBoxer Video setup help. Can't view extra region.

    So, in this video Marai has a healing set up that works really well. I mimiced the Grid/Click healing layout easily enough, but the bottom row of windows that look like game windows aren't actual game windows. That is an extra screen region and the VFX sources are being sent to it.

    My problem is that I can't seem to physically click on that region and open the in game console for ISboxer in order to add the video screens that I need like he does in the video.

    I've arranged windows in my screenshot so that I can actively see what the hell im doing. I can put them back on a stacked layout, but that also leads to another issue. When my game windows are stacked, every time I click on the game region it brings another window to the front.

    Any ideas on how to clear up the two issues. The "extra" region would be nice to fix first.

    Thanks all.


    I literally just figured out the click swapping issue. Now I just need to figure out the bottom bar. When i use my hotkeys to switch windows, it never brings up the extra region
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