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    Is there any program that can do the videofx / picture in picture like ISBoxer does?

    I intend to not use ISBoxer for classic but I kinda want that functionality, feels like it should be several programs that have that functionality but I tried to search and didn't get any good results.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moorea View Post
    You can only track one at a time in classic/vanilla

    back in BC I used to have a macro to keep toggling which one I am tracking but I think VFX the other gatherer is better (as demo'ed above)

    ps: also for 2 gather I think skinning+herb is probably best and mining in slot 2 to avoid an extra iwt or even be able to mouse over and tell if a corpse is skinnable or not (that some other player killed) and mine nodes are easier to spot visually than herb nodes
    Ahhhhh... I see

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