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    Default Leveling up a new team, not sure what to add as filler

    To give myself more options at 120, I am working on having all tanks on a specific account and all healers on another.
    For the DPS slots on the remaining 3 accounts, I have Hunters and Druids, and Paladins. With the rest of the ranged DPS options being:

    Shadow Priest
    Ele Shaman

    I plan on leveling the Ele shaman in a different group, which leaves me with the other 3. I don't really see any of these classes as being boxing viable for the goals I want to accomplish, and was thinking of doing another hunter set but just changing the race.

    Is this just wasteful thinking though and I should just level up one of these because who knows if they do become viable at some point?
    I have Draenei Hunters and from a Aesthetic perspective I think I'd rather have a different race, but I originally wanted it to match my Shaman which is limited on choices.

    The reason I don't find the Priest/Mage/Warlocks viable currently is either their rotation is way harder to achieve the same kind of ranged mobile DPS a hunter provided, and the utility the hunter also provides is amazing.
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    I try to hit all the transmog drops as well. Unless your healer is cloth you'd want one of shadow priest, mage, or warlock.

    But ele shaman are pretty nice at 120.

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    On ally side Dark Iron Dwarves and Void Elves look awesome (imo, male for DiD and female for VE) and make awesome runners for legacy dungeons with the speed boost (DiD hunter) and the pushback thing in theory is best for VE (so VE caster)

    On horde side the Maghtar orcs just look awesome

    I would go for having 120 of all classes if you can do it, as indeed thing may change re viability of which comp; or rather things WILL change, it's a given
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellay View Post
    Is this just wasteful thinking though and I should just level up one of these because who knows if they do become viable at some point?
    It's always a tough call to make, but I'd be smacking myself if a particular class became more viable from a multiboxing standpoint, and I didn't have access to, at least, one of them at max level. Even if they don't get any love in BFA, when 9.0 rolls around, knowing that Blizzard has already said that they're going to be changing their philosophy on how they approach classes, things may become very interesting (and I certainly hope they do).

    So, they might be filler now, and they might slow down leveling because they're not top performers, but they could potentially become viable later on. However, I don't know if that's enough to motivate anyone to level a particular class that under-performs from a multiboxing standpoint.
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    You're probably right on the void elf being the best choice for Alliance. I never bothered to do the rep needed to unlock them. Time for some research.

    And then it boils down to either Warlocks or Mages.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellay View Post
    The reason I don't find the Priest/Mage/Warlocks viable currently is either their rotation is way harder to achieve the same kind of ranged mobile DPS a hunter provided, and the utility the hunter also provides is amazing.
    I know what you mean about hunters v mages
    My markmanship hunter seems to do amazing DPS for both single-target bosses and when multiple adds. I only needed a couple of castsequence macros to help the timing. Whereas fire/frost mage needed multiple extra buttons for procs which takes my attention away from movement and healing. And even arcane is annoying, I had to add a loud foghorn to the weakaura that tells me mana is low and evo is on CD.

    On the other hand, demonology warlock was pretty fun to macro. You can use the cooldown of Dreadstalkers and Soul Strike to help timing of other spells. Also by casting Implosion late in the rotation can you delay the next Power Siphon, which in turn is a way to delay Demonbolt from casting without cores. And as long as you don't take any "bonus shards" talents and keep the overall net shard generation at zero, it can work quite well. I think I had like 4-5 castsequence macros. but didn't need any funny keymap step timing.

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    So if anyone has seen the new 8.2.5 changes it looks pretty amazing for us. There is going to be a party level sync. This entire dilemma of this thread will no longer be an issue if you just want to level up a new Tank or Healer. You can bring your high levels in and get to it. It'll also help you decide if you like the playstyle before having to hit 120 is my guess. Really happy with the change.

    Other than that I hit mid 80's with this team and realized I didn't like the playstyle of these classes as much as I had hoped. I try to think about the class in general and see how much of it I can utilize and base it off of that.

    With that in mind, I've settled back on using 5 Druids for the time being. I was using DH / 4x Boomkin, and while the 5% damage bonus is amazing, DH tank is a very mobile tank that I just wasn't able to maximize it's potential, and while they got buffs so did guardian druid. The great thing about Bear tanks is playing them close to 90% or better is not too hard, giving more time to focus on the rest of the team.

    I also feel like I can truly utilize the strengths of the team even though it isn't mixed. PvP is totally doable, I am able to take on pretty much any fight in World PvP and not run into too many issues with follow being broken.
    Group stealth and just general movement feels very fluid as well.

    Here's to hoping I get a decent mythic + with this combo, we shall see!
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    I have not even tried mythics yet. I still only have my paladins at max level ( 400-410 GS ) I leveled one of my DHs last timewalking event solo ( queing and questing while i waited for pop ) Leveled him from 110 to 120 the same day.. like 6 hours i think.. in almost full heirlooms. I LOVE the havoc DH playstyle.. most fun i have ever had soling in WoW! BUT DHs are a pita to play optimally boxed. I just started leveling my druids and I love so much about them. Im leveling them via gathering and dungons that need done for gathering quests. I hope they are worthy in the end for other things..but I love all the tools druids have!
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    I should probably make a different thread for it, but I think if someone was able to put a lot of time into them and get a decently high ilvl they could go places if played right. There's just so many tools.
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