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    Default TeamViewer for WoW and IsBoxer

    Hello Everyone. I have created a tool for my personal use that turned out to be very useful, so thought I would share it.

    I have a lot of teams, so many I cant keep track of them. Confusing names, different classes, professions, and eventually I cant remember which is which. So I tried a spreadsheet, which works but I never kept it updated and quit using it. So during the slow time I experimented a bit and ended up finding an IsBoxer solution to keep track of everything.

    This program reads your last exported isBoxer profile and displays your team, but instead of a plain list it uses icons based on what Action Target Groups your characters are in. For example, if your character is in your tank ATG it displays a tank icon, in the paladin ATG it displays the Paladin class icon, if in a profession ATG it displays the profession icon.

    Here is a screenshot of what my profile looks like:

    It also works as a launcher. If I double-click the team name it loads the entire team, if I double-click on a single character it loads just that slot.

    Most people who have used IsBoxer for awhile may already have many of the ATGs setup. This is what SerScruffington's profile looks like in the viewer.

    If you think you might find this useful, I would love if you tried it out and gave some feedback. The program will work fine for any game but icons will only be displayed for WoW as its the only game I currently play. I'll need to make some changes but not much work to get it to display for WoW Classic as well.

    Its posted on Google Drive:

    To use the program, you need to edit the ini file included and change the path to your isBoxer directory.

    Keep in mind this was a tool I created for personal use, so many of the settings are hard coded and you may not find it as useful. But the source code is included. It was written in the Embarcadero Delphi Community Edition, which is free.

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    Very cool.

    Not to be confused with the screen-sharing program that goes by the same name.
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    Neat tool. I don't use ATGs or even characters or set teams within ISBoxer, so I have to rely on my handy dandy spreadsheet. It definitely can be a bear to keep up with all this stuff though, so for most ISBoxer users your automated way to display it visually is very nice!
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