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    Default 2x pallies vs 2x shammies in 3x warrior team

    So making a new thread for this comparison as its specific.
    Please exclude typos, on iPad at work.
    Ive noticed a few warrior teams rolling with 2x paladins.

    Excluding pvp ....

    Is it because ?

    seals and judgements make for easier rotation?
    totem management is tricky?
    plate favors pvp?
    More dps from paladins.
    Paladins have plate which is a large bonus in melee range?
    Paladin healing best for single target?
    Paladins gel better with warrior abilites?
    Paladins bubbles and loh.
    Paladin consecration?

    Curious as I see these over paladin

    shammy fear and dispel totems
    shammy cc totems on a dropped round robin.
    mana totems stack.
    fire totems stack.
    chain aoe healing superior than single target
    Ersth totems for snare and armour on round robin, counter rotation so each can be up at once,
    Shammy haste.
    Shammy self rez.

    How far off am I?

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    Doesn't it boil down mostly to faction preference?

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    From my perspective, the huge boon from a Shaman is windfury totem (and then strength of the earth to a lesser extent). You don't get to double-down on that buff with 2x Shamans, while adding a second paladin adds Kings AND a second aura (my plan right now is Ret). Paladins also wear plate and have all those defensive cooldowns you mentioned, which makes them more forgiving for a rookie boxer like myself. They also bring a defensive dispel, which is valuable.

    In PvP, the consensus is fear-bombs are one of the main ways to wreck our teams. Paladins have a way to beat fear-bombs reactively - while Shamans have to beat them pro-actively.

    If I was going to roll Horde I would for sure be a 4x war 1x sham team - I imagine the DPS pushing through from that comp would be INSANE.

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    You can't look at things in a vacuum like this though. You will spend a considerable amount of time in world PvP defending yourself against gankers even if you have no intention of actively seeking PvP.

    Also consider whether you enjoy playing each of the classes in your team individually as you'll often only be able to raid on a single character.

    Either of the groups will be able to clear dungeons fine. At some point you have to consider what you will actually enjoy playing.
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    I will prob be maining a warrior for a change of scene.

    You mention, not intentional, pvp. Does this mean there will be pvp zones like tauren mill to avoid?

    Pvp was fun to a point when my accounts were ‘flagged’ for botting a couple of times. To blizz’s credit, I just had to say Isboxer and t was all sorted, as they do have to investigate. The last flag was a phone call to cs as a csr did a temp ban, and it must have been a newer rep as I had to explain isboxer which didnt match his script.

    Once again though, very helpful as it was escalated and then the accounts were unlocked with credited time.

    No complaints against blizz, as it must be a sucky job at times maintaining the games integrity, but pvp these days just makes me cringe as players seem to flip out when they see ‘boxers’ at times.

    But I digressed.

    Very good points, on the auras, and the fear bombs, Faction seems to count most at this stage. I think Ill have look at the auras again.

    But why alliance

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    I'm going through a similar decision I think what will decide it for me is symemtry. I am going (regardless of faction): 2 Warriors, Warlock, Priest.

    With a shaman one of the Warriors would have to go more Prot. But with Alliance I can make the Paladin Prot. Not sure I'd get as many benefits, but Warlocks are pretty nice in AoE groups just dotting up everything while not going oom. Plus this gives me more end-game options if I focus on 1 character. Admittedly I don't recall the days of Windfury so I could really be making a mistake

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    if you have teams on both factions, isn't it more fun to have something new/unique with each one, class comp wise? that's why my ally team will have pallies and my horde team will have shammies
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    This time around, Im after efficency and effectiveness in pve dungeons. I’ve run a full pally team and legion and it was great.

    Given the investment in time vs real life, Im hoping to avoid making any team compatibilty issues. Seems though that most of the teams Ive seen comes down to horde vs alliance as opposed to the benefits of pally vs shaman.

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    it’s weird I can’t seem to find / see it anymore but I was replying to someone that was saying they wanted the exact same comp on horde and alliance

    ps: also i don’t know what you might mean by compatibility issues
    and I and others have specific class and spell reasons for wanting a shaman or a pally, unrelated to their faction constraints
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