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    Default Workaround for no /follow in Classic BGs?

    Fairly new to multi-boxing and first time posting on this forum

    Started leveling 10 mages a little over a week ago with the hopes of being able to dominate PvP at 60, but as we all know, Blizzard disabled /follow in battlegrounds

    Are there currently any ways around this? I've been trying to mess with things like click-to-move to see if it can be at least somewhat functionally viable in AV, but I'm still very new to ISBoxer and I would love to hear any suggestions from veteran users

    I browsed the recent threads discussing /follow, but didn't find anything. I apologize if this is a noob post, or if I'm posting about something that's already been covered

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    I think when previously discussed there was no good workaround and most respondents thought it was a bad idea and were not planning on taking more than 1 character at a time to Battle Grounds.

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    The only way to actually do this is to play each toon in different version of av at same time.

    Even then,it is highly discouraged.

    And as Nodoze metioned, nobody wants to see even more actions taken against multiboxing in general over some petty boxer that bypasser restrictions using 3rd party or method not approved by blizz.
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