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    Default Comparison of squads for 5 man dungeons

    Hi all, I’m new to multi-boxing and have become quite intrigued after coming across ISBoxer and watching the plethora of vids online. I’m planning to multibox a 5 man crew for the challenge but also independence in farming endgame dungeons. My main for raids will be warrior so that role is set in stone.

    The 3 crews I’m contemplating are:
    -War/pally(healing)/mage/warlock/balance druid
    -4xwar and pally healing

    The first is a nice balance of buffs, class utility and all ranged Dps (fairly easy to multi-class with castsequence macros in classic).
    The second is pretty standard as far as ranged setups go and mages are very strong.
    The latter I was pondering last night as I think clear speed with some decent gear could be fantastic and even have my main 2h arms tank potentially with 3 other warriors as fury (in endgame). The one thing I’m concerned about is how this would do through dungeons while Leveling. Would anyone with more extensive multiboxing experience have any thoughts or suggestions? As much as ranged sounds less problematic the idea of 4 warriors simultaneously charging in and cleaving/ww mobs sounds fantastic. Thanks so much!
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