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    Just found a decent YouTube video outlining dungeon grinding that contains some useful information for boxers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apatheist View Post
    Just found a decent YouTube video outlining dungeon grinding that contains some useful information for boxers.
    This is great. Thank you!

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    A followup video from the same author. Pretty useful info. Particularly about the dungeon XP bonus -- 250% XP for elites inside of dungeons rather than 200%. I wasn't aware of that and it's not documented anywhere I could find.

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    Triple mage dps 10000%. The more mages you have the more damage each individual mage will do in both fire and frost. Fire mages can stack ignites together and overall have higher dps but frost mages have frostbite (15% chance on frost damage to freeze target for 4 seconds) and shatter (50% crit against frozen targets). I was leaning towards triple frost mage because 50% crit sounds amazing, but you can’t freeze bosses; and on trash you can just spam arcane explosion to do crazy aoe damage.

    Im going to be running prot pally+ Resto druid that will go straight for imp thorns + triple fire mage for dungeon farming. Mages will have two points in arcane subtlety for 40% reduced arcane threat so with ret aura, thorns, consecration and the 40% decreased threat from arcane and the 30% reduced threat from salvation my mages will never pull agro while aoeing. I will also melt bosses by just spamming fireball and stacking ignite. At higher levels I’ll use a /cast at player macro with flamestrike to get the dot from it up before spamming arcane explosion.

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    I'll be doing 2 war 2 paladins 1 priest, or 3 warriors 1 shaman 1 priest. I'm also debating for the horde side, 4 warriors 1 shaman.

    I expect it will blow through 5 mans effectively. The only downside of this group is, it's not going to be able to finesse when it's a little bit on the low level side. So no real CC. The upside is, it's just going to be an AOE melee cleave.

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    I had considered warriors with a shaman and priest but priests are just so squishy in vanilla that mixing a priest into that group you might as well paint a target on its back for every enemy player you run into. Point of having two healers is to increase the tankiness of the group which isn't achieved by including a clothie that can be gibbed by a couple of rogues before you can even get a heal off.

    For just straight dungeon farming as a melee group if you don't care at all about PvP then I don't think there's any doubt that 4 warriors and a shaman have the highest cleave potential. At least once your shaman gets a decent enough mana pool to be able to keep them alive.

    I'll be sticking with my original warrior/paladin concept.
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    Okay pretty sure my team will be: Pally (tank), 2 Warriors, Warlock, Priest. Purely for PvE leveling via 5 man instances. One warrior specced in improved Demo shout the other Battleshout. Thinking about doing 1 with improved Rend as I'll be 'dotting' up everything with Warlock. But gotta spend more thought on the Warrior builds to cover all the good stuff. If I manage the Warlock he'll never be OOM and can move around and cast better then any other class. Plus the utility and Stam pet.

    This comp gives my group two free mounts, and Priest are the bests heals at any level.

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    I'll be doing some sort of melee cleave, but my main might be a hunter. Melee cleave is just so much more efficient in vanilla than a caster group until Dire Maul is implemented, where good CC play finally becomes necessary.

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    the melee cleave video helped finalize my first team thoughts. I am going with:

    Warrior, Warrior, Rogue, Shaman, and Priest.
    Earthen Ring - Horde - 7 boxing
    Cuddle Buddies - 4DK, 1 Holy Paladin, 1 Disc Priest, and 1 Resto Shaman | Armory 5v5 Cuddle Buddies
    ex Kilrogg - Horde

    Team Acid Wuvablez - 4DK + 1 holy pally | Acidburning, Crashohvride, Acidloves, Acidhugs, & Acidcuddles | Armory 5v5 Love You Bye Bye
    ex Garona - Horde
    Team Acid Dessert - Quad Shaman | Acidcake, Acidfudge, Acidicecream, & Acidmoarprz
    Team Acid Hackers - DK + 3 Rets | Acidburning, Crashohvride, Ceralkillah, & Loardnikon

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    In case of a melee cleave with +3 warriors, I'm curious how you guys are planing to manage the dmg rotation on multiple warriors in terms of rage.
    As far as I know the aoe rotation of a fury warrior looks smth like: Whirlwind > Bloodthirst > Cleave
    WW requires 25 rage, BT 30 rage and CL 20 rage.
    I can't think of any way to set a single button smash mapped key up that would execute those 3 abilitys in the mentioned priority. The warrior that has aggro might have the rage to to execute WW, BT and CL in between but the other warriors would most likely rage starve. They would sink all their rage on CL and don't have anything left when the other abilitys are off CD. Having one DPS key for WW and BT and a second one for CL also doesn't sound very effective. Some warriors would have enough rage for CL while other warriors don't. It seems to me like it's not possible to manage a flawless DPS rotation on multiple warriors.

    How do you intend to set the DPS rotation on multiple warriors up?
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