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    I've been getting super frustrated with my BDKx4 + Holy Pal group. Even lower Mythic+ boxer "friendly" dungeons give me all kinds of trouble. For example, I am really struggling with Coin Op Crowd Pummeler atm. Team is ilvl 385 and I can't reliably down it. It is to the point where I am planning to take a break for a while, it's bad for my nerves lol
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    I took a break for the same as I had no time with uni as well. Enjoying the islands at the moment with the dks and pally for mounts etc. Hunter team looks good, but need to level the 5th. If your tanks are all Draenai, there racial heal makes a big difference pro heal system. Youtube casting a heal all on a single chat. 5x gifts is a 100% on a char every 3 mins, or a quick save for each tank during oh crap mechanics,

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    Season 3 just started and everything got bumped up to be harder. Mythic 0 now drops ilvl 400. That coin grabber guy was always tough.
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    For season 3 they increased it quite a bit.

    25% increase to mob health and damage (30% for m+0)
    Additional 10% increase to mob health and damage for every mythic level, was 8% last season.

    You just need better gear, wont take you long as Ellay mentioned all the drops are now 30 ilvl higher than last season.

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    Default MOTHERLODE update

    I think that I've got low level Mythic MOTHERLODE figured out. Just did a reasonably clean run (wiped to trash once and a few other deaths here and there, but no boss wipes). My strategy, for those that are interested:


    I set up along one wall, pull the mob to the wall. This way, the knockback is easily handled. Also, by positioning along one wall, the footbombs always appear one the side away from the wall, making them easier to kick at the boss. On the Shocking Claw ability, I run the group forward and spin them around to attack the back of the mob, then run them forward again back to the wall to set up again for footbombs and the knockback. I ignore the coin grab, as it doesn't seem to matter much early in the fight, and by the time the damage ramps up, the boss is almost dead anyway.


    DK's are just chain following/attacking each earthrager while the healer runs around trying to stay out of the bad. Death and Decay snare effect is very helpful with this. Once the Earthragers are dead, it is simple tank and spank. When Azerokk summons more earthragers, just rinse-repeat. Pretty simple at low level Mythic+.

    Rixxa Fluxflame

    DK's run to her and tank in place, move them out of the goo that shoots out on occasion. Otherwise, they pretty much stay in place. Rixxa aims most of her other abilities at anyone out of melee range. I drive the healer and stay on the edge of the platform for the 2 rounds of Azerite Catalyst, then move closer to Rixxa to dodge the Propellant Blast. Obviously, stay on the opposite side of the tanks for the Propellant Blast. Very predictable fight and once you get the hang of the rhythm of her abilities, it is straightforward.

    Mogul Razdunk

    Once again, send the DK's in to tank in place. Keep the healer out of range of the Homing Missile damage range. I ignore the Gatling Gun damage. During phase 2, DK's run after the Skyscorchers and kill them. I heal the tanks as I am able, ignoring damage from the Drill Smash. I try to keep the healer close to a pillar just in case he/she gets targeted by the Drill Smash. Once the Skyscorchers are dead, DK's follow the healer and run to the pillars in turn, heal as able. I leave the DK's by the pillar if they are targeted, otherwise run the healer solo to a pillar and keep the DK's out of damage range. Once the pillars are down, go back to the initial strategy.

    Anyway, I should probably cross post in the Dungeons forum, just though I would follow-up with my progress.
    World of Warcraft - Bronzebeard (Horde)
    Primary team - 4 Blood DK, Disc Priest (110, ilvl 880-ish)

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