As shama

Not boxed as other account not live yet.
Expected bottleneck in horde start area. Literally took me about 30mins to tag a boar.

2 quests both bad for bottlenecking. Cant tag the named scorpion so large huddle around spawn.

Played for two hours. Got xp in the end from


As a l1 shammy I left the start area and went to the lvl 5 scorpians, at l2 could take in l6 scorps and boars. L6 boars dont coiunt for stsrting quest.

Ideally you could get boar kill quest with box set if ‘turrets’, or have a insta caster/hinter jn team to tag spawns.

some boxers jn game tacking flack already for just waiting for scorpian waiting for spawn.

I will probably take my team and explore/grind xp for the first few days for faster leveling, then return for desired quest paths etc.

Instances look best for full team boxes from what I can see. The quest xp in crowded zones is too low to merit the time required to tag.

Hopefully blizz can address this with increased spawn times or allow ‘tagging’ of mobs for bottleneck quests.

I know, I can hear it now, but its classic. Well at 1 boar per 30mins competing against new players constantly loading in with insta cast/shoot abilities you are reminded that not all things classic were a good thing.

Kinda makes you want to mske 5 locks