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    Default Stealth detection

    I kinda forgot about all the great stealth detection things so looked into it.

    5 stealth detection is same as 1 lvl difference.

    Rogues and druids both get +15 stealth from 5 points in their stealth talent.

    Warlock - Felhunter's Paranoia +30 stealth detection to party.
    Hunter - Track Hidden +30 stealth detection.
    Human - 20 sec duration 3 min cd, +50 stealth detection.

    # Helmet
    Bloodvine Lens - +10 stealth detection. Leather. 12 sta 2% crit.
    Catseye Ultra Googles - +18 stealth detection. Cloth. No other stats.
    # Gloves - druid only
    Rank 7 gloves and rank 12 gloves both have +10 stealth detection.

    Catseye Elixir - +10 stealth detection for 10 min. Will be moderately expensive since it uses 1 fadeleaf (and 1 goldthorn) but probably worth using on 1 character.

    Vanish gives +270 stealth for 10 seconds so it is so high that you can't beat it with stealth detection.

    Lesser invisbility potion - +100 invisiblity.
    Invisiblity Potion - +200 Invisibility.
    Elixir of detect invisbility - +100 invisibility detection.
    Warlock Detect Invisibility spell - +1000 invisibility detection.

    I think I will use:
    Warlock +30, druid rank 7 gloves and leather helmet +20, consumable +10 = +60 stealth detection and +1000 invisibility detection.
    Although I might control mage and have 40 stealth detection instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xandorz View Post
    ...[lots of good stuff about stealth levels]...
    I think Hunter's Flares are automatic detection if the Rogue/Druid passes in their radius (great for choke points).

    Don't forget that Night Elves get passive +5 Stealth bonus due to their ShadowMeld talent whether they are shadowmelded or not...

    For NE Rogues & Druids in Stealth it essentially gives them a +5 net bonus to get the drop on the enemy Rogue/Druid...

    For ShadowMelded NE Hunters (or Priests/Warriors) it is essentially a net +5 bonus detecting a Rogue/Druid that is searching for you (or even better one prowling around but not knowing you are there)...

    That is part of the reason NE Hunters with their stealth pets are among the best WSG Flag guards...

    Several times on my ShadowMelded NE Hunter I repeatedly camped rogues trying to steal the flag... Usually I could see them before they could see me and if I felt they were getting too close I could sick my pet on them from stealth... Though other specs were often better overall my favorite was BM's "Big Red Kitty" from stealth (especially if they found and sapped my pet)... Sometimes I didn't need to do much of anything except keep my distance and just let the pet kill them... After they die I just kept changing hiding spots for my pet and I and then waited for the cat and mouse game until they gave up... It was very frustrating for them and fun for me ;-)

    Even better is when working with a non NE Hunter (like Dwarf) as he/she might as well keep Flare up more than 100%... Stone Form on the Dwarf using Flares with 2 Stealth pets and a Stealth NE Hunter assisting is nice for watching for Rogues/Druids...

    Edit: I found this that may help:
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