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    Playing on NA EST server as alliance. Recently, there's been talk and videos about the viability of dungeon leveling in a group from the beta so I decided I would 5 box dungeons to level to 60. Planning on maining a warrior at for raiding at 60 and using the 5-box crew for gold/rep farming

    Anyone else planning on dungeon leveling to 60?

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    W=Want to Guild with other boxers?: Y:Yes
    T=Realm Type: P:PVP,
    S=Server Name: Herod
    F=Faction: Alliance;
    W=World PVP: No:N
    B=Battle Grounds: No:N,
    R=Raids: Yes:Y,
    LL: Planned Level for group: 60;
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    ?.P.?.H.Y.Y.Y.N.60.SET.SET.SET.SET.SRT.27072019 .Kiepa.Focus is on wPvP;

    Running 10 shaman team on EU PvP, mainly looking for a little wPvP fun )

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    Note that I updated the listing with all the Geographical regions and Servers so we could organize if anyone wants to.

    The initial post in the thread should be up to date now.

    Sorry I have been unable to keep up with the forums. Since my last post we lost my Aunt to cancer & then my brother's cancer fight wasn't going well so I have barely been able to keep up with work and family and frankly just had to drop hobbies. Thankfully my brother is doing better and I wanted to try to get caught up and have some fun.
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    N.E.EP.A.N.N.Y.N.60.*PPH.THH.DBN.MAH.LAH.20190811 .Julian21928;
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    Quote Originally Posted by lofblad View Post
    N.E.EP.A.N.N.Y.N.60.*PPH.THH.DBN.MAH.LAH.20190811 .Julian21928;

    The initial post in the thread should be up to date now.
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    Y.e.ep.a.n.n.y.?.60.10*mrg.mrg.mrg.mrg.mrg.mrg.mrg .mrg.mrg.mrg
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    Mostly wanted to fill this out so i could better read the chart

    W.T.GS.F.W.B.D.R.LL.1PR.2PR.3PR.4PR.5PR.Updated .Name.Comments;
    Y.P.A?.H.Y.?.Y.Y.60.WPT.THU.MR?.L??.???. Sinergy#1654(Bnet)Sinergy#6565(discord). Want to play Horde PVP for fun
    Y.E.AP.A.N.N.Y.Y.60.WPG.THD.MRG.LAG.???. Sinergy#1654(Bnet)Sinergy#6565(discord). Alliance PVE for more serious. always wanted to join a big multibox guild

    Im only playing 4 toons War/pries/mage/warlock bc the wife is playing the 5th. never played wow before patch 8.2.5. did a lot of botting in eq2 for 8 years and some multiboxing in legion. looking forward to boxxing in classic but always wanted to be part of a bigger guild that had many multiboxers. just to bounce ideas off of and run raids with sounds amazing. wouldnt mind bringing whatever toon/s is/were needed to fill a raid
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    The List kills my brain. How about a Google Doc?
    4x Shaman @ Eu-Arthas Horde - Fuq, Fúq, Fùq, Fûq

    5x Shaman @ Eu-Theradras Alliance - Yakicera, ...e, ...i, ...o, ...u

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    I think I got it right haha.


    I want to level a Rogue and have an alt for farming and Bank/Professions.

    Also if possible being able to farm dungeons for gear and Rivendare's mount .
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