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    Lightbulb List of Classic WoW Multibox Teams

    List of Classic WoW Multibox Teams

    Note: Last Updated: 2019.06.24

    The purpose of this thread is help maintain a list of planned Multibox teams for Classic World of Warcraft. This hopefully will help Multiboxers congregate and collaborate and maybe join forces (or have fun fights) from time to time with the hopes for a strong Community. It may help us clear things like UBRS and maybe even parts of Raids as otherwise our progression by ourselves will be very limited. Maybe our Mains that plan to Raid can all join the same Raiding guild.

    Note that for brevity & analysis purposes the list will use a lot of abbreviations (sorry) so a Legend for those abbreviations should be below after the list.

    List of Classic WoW Multibox Teams:

    W.T.S.F.W.B.D.R.LL.1PR.2PR.3PR.4PR.5PR.Updated .Name.Comments;
    ?.E.?.A.N.M.Y.M.60.DFN.PHD*MGR.LGA.TSD.20190624 .Pixxiedust
    Y.E.?.A.N.M.Y.?.60.WPH.THD.LSG.MRH.MRG.20190623 .Lanser84
    20190623 .Moorea
    Y.E.?.A.N.Y.Y.?.60.PPD.PHD.L?G.MRG.MRG.20190621 .Grundel
    ?.P.?.A.Y.?.Y.?.60.PHH.PHH.WFH.WFH.WFH.20190621 .Apathiest.
    ?.P.?.A.Y.M.Y.M.60.PHH.PHD*WFH.WAH.WAH.20190621 .Dawkinz.;
    Y.P.?.A.Y.M.Y.M.60*PHH.PHH.WFH.WFH*DFN.20190618 .Nodoze.
    Prefer RP-PvP;
    Y.P.?.H.M.M.Y.M.60*DFT.THU.LSU.MRU.MRU.20190620 .ChristaphonZ.Prefer RP-PvP;
    ?.?.?.H.?.?.Y.?.60.SRO.SEO.WFO.WFO.WFO.20190621 .Lewsifur.;
    Y.P.?.H.Y.M.Y.M.60.D?T*TH?.L?U.L?U.MRU.20190621 .xandorz.;

    * Denotes person’s Main character(s);

    Legend of abbreviations used in the List:
    W=Want to Guild with other boxers?: Y:Yes, N:No, ?:Unsure;
    T=Realm Type: P:PVP, E:PVE, ?:Unsure;
    S=Server Name: ?:TBD;
    F=Faction: A:Alliance, H:Horde, ?:Unsure;
    W=World PVP: M: Main Only, Yes:Y, No:N,?:Unsure;
    B=Battle Grounds: M: Main Only, Yes:Y, No:N,?:Unsure;
    D=Dungeons: M: Main Only, Yes:Y, No:N,?:Unsure;
    R=Raids: M: Main Only, Yes:Y, No:N,?:Unsure;
    LL: Planned Level for group: Range: 1-60;
    Number: Class for Slot in party (1-5 only): Values:
    ...D=Druid: B:Balance, F:Feral, R:Resto;
    ...H=Hunter: B:BeastM, M:Marksman, S:Survival;
    ...M=Mage: A:Arcane, F:Fire, R:FRost;
    ...P=Paladin: H:Holy, P:Protection, R:Retribution;
    ...T=PriesT: D:Discipline, H:Holy, S:Shadow;
    ...R=Rogue: A:Assasin, C:Combat, S:Subtlety;
    ...S=Shaman: E:Elemental, N:ENhancement, R:Resto;
    ...L=WarLock: A:Affliction, D:Demon, S:deStruct;
    ...W=Warrior: A:Arms, F:Fury, P:Protection;

    R=Race: Values:
    ...N=Night Elf;
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