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    Lightbulb List of Classic WoW Multibox Teams

    List of Classic WoW Multibox Teams & Servers

    Note: Last Updated: 2019.10.03

    • Region.. : Faction. : Type: Server..... : Guild Name... : Primary Contact;
    • Americas : Alliance : PVP : Herod...... : <TBD>........ : TBD;
    • Americas : Alliance : PVP : Heartseeker : <Unobtainium> : Petrolsk#1252 (Btag)
    • Americas : Horde... : PVP : Herod...... : <Overload>... : Zal;
    • Americas : Alliance : PVE : Pagel...... : <TBD>........ : TBD;
    • Americas : Horde... : PVE : TBD........ : <TBD>........ : TBD;
    • Europe.. : Alliance : PVP : Shazzrah... : <TBD>........ : TBD;
    • Europe.. : Horde... : PVP : Shazzrah... : <Overkill>... : Stridsberg;
    • Europe.. : Alliance : PVE : Pyrewood... : Forum thread. : TBD;
    • Europe.. : Horde... : PVE : Pyrewood... : <TBD>........ : TBD;
    • Oceanic. : Alliance : PVP : Arugal..... : <TBD>........ : TBD;
    • Oceanic. : Horde... : PVP : Arugal..... : <TBD>........ : TBD;
    • Oceanic. : Alliance : PVE : Remulos.... : <TBD>........ : Dalo199;
    • Oceanic. : Horde... : PVE : Remulos.... : <TBD>........ : TBD;

    CLICK HERE to SUMBIT YOUR TEAM for the list via Google Forms. Note: Please save (bookmark) the 'Edit your response' link you get at the end of submission so you can come back and self edit your team later if you want to.

    to view Analytics for the Classic WoW Multi-box Teams

    CLICK HERE to view the raw data underlying the Analytics (you can see each team's full details here).

    Click HERE for results from v4 of the Server Demographics (with new servers listed).

    Click HERE for results from Reddit's Wow Classic Faction/Race/Class Demographics (not Multi-boxer specific with 30K+ responses as of August 2019).

    Click HERE for results from Reddit's Wow Classic Server Demographics (not Multi-boxer specific with 40K+ responses as of August 2019).

    NOTE: The purpose of this thread is help maintain a list of planned Multi-box teams for Classic World of Warcraft. This hopefully will help Multi-boxers congregate and collaborate and maybe join forces (or have fun fights) from time to time with the hopes for a strong Community. It may help us clear things like 10man UBRS and maybe even parts of 40man Raids as otherwise our progression by ourselves will be very limited. Maybe our Mains that plan to Raid can all join the same Raiding guild.

    NOTE: The intent is to keep any/all relevant information up in this top initial post so that people don't need to read any further down the thread for info & can just stop reading here... If there is something needed please post to the end of the thread and we will get this top/initial post updated.
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