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    Default Heal/Tank Paladin for 4 Caster Groups

    I see people talking about 4 caster groups (4 mages, 4 locks, 3 mages and a lock) with a healer quite a bit, but running dungeons with these groups requires getting a little tricksy (lots of sheep and single target them down, or voidwalker army and deal with the RNG nature of multiple aggro).

    This made me think of something I saw in a video for aoe grinding with the pally where the pally basically runs in and consecrates and then just heals himself to hold aggro using consecration aura and spiritual focus to achieve uninterruptible heals. How viable would that be for tanking dungeons I wonder if you were using say a shield spike and maybe the imp damage shield? You could aoe the hell out of trash and the pally just sits there and eats the damage while healing.

    Thoughts? Trouble holding aggro? Am I late to this party and everyone already does this and I just don't know?

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    Problem is almost every dungeon has mobs that stun, interrupt, knockback, etc. Even low level dungeons like Stockades the mobs will kick you and stun you.

    Voidwalkers are actually reasonably good tanks. I send 4 voidwalkers at 4 different targets, then while they're getting a couple of torments off I set 4 new focuses and send the pets again. Use /petfollow to pull all the mobs back into a stack while casting a few heals if necessary, then just hit my hellfire/prayer of healing macro. When all the mobs are dead, use lifetap to interrupt hellfire puts them back on full mana/hp. Priest has cast 2-3 heals and is still on 80% mana. It's actually super efficient. Once you get really good at managing it you can clear SM in 15 minutes flat with only 2-3 drink breaks for the priest.

    The only thing is, as I've said before, you need a /focus target system to assign pet targets. The whole setup revolves around that.
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    That is why a druid tank would work well for this situation. Before combat casts HoT (has thorns already) enters combat. The heals and thorns help aggro from the very beginning. Thorns is basically shield spike and if you do not need a tank just swap the druid to heals or dps. Battle rez is always useful.

    I believe you need the damage and healing. Doesn't healing only give half aggro that damage does?

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    Your HoT's won't be enough to keep you alive through any dungeon fight unless you're just farming very low level mobs and if you try to shift out of form to heal yourself during combat as a druid you will get trucked.

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    If I played alliance I would definitely run 2x pala 3x mage, seems really really strong. 2x concentrate with righteous fury, tanking and healing. 2x bop Incase mages get too much threat. Ret aura and conc aura, blessing of wisdom + x on everyone. I have personally never ran this comp but in theory it sounds like it would absolutely shred through waves and waves of creeps. Downside being needing to drink all the time but the mages supplement that for you. Playing around with different auras and blessings would be really fun.

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