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    Default Viable 5 man melee setups for PvP

    I'm a active TBC and Wotlk boxer, stopped playing on retail since Cata but I'm considering to come back when Classic goes live.

    What do you think are going to be the best 4-5man melee setup to PvP on Classic?

    When it comes to melee boxing I think the biggest issue that we gonna face are Blizzard spamming frost mages. Blizzard is stupidly overpowered in Classic. It's a aoe slow that reduces the movement speed by 65% and on each tick there is a 15% chance to freeze affected opponents for 5 sec. The only ways to overcome the Blizzard slow are free action potion, Blessing of Freedom or shapeshift spam as druide. I don't think that it will be possible to escape the blizzard by spamming magic dispel because the slow is reapplied on each tick, so every 1 second.
    Since ferals have no fear protection I was thinking that a mix setup of like 2-3 enh shamis and 2-3 ret palys might work the best in pvp.
    Ghost wolf, Frost shock, blessing of freedom, cleanse, repentence and stun hammer should make a ret/enh mix setup quite effective against kiter. In addition they would have tremor totem against fear and WF totem to enhance the ret palys.
    What do you think?
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