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    My hunters are doing ok, managed a +6. But my attempts at various trinity setups only managed a +2.

    My goal being to just learn the easy way. Keep the videos coming!

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    Here's another one - Tol Dagor +8 in time with a mixed team:

    As for the Shammy healer, I have gotten to the point where I think they are my favorite healer. The Spirit Link totem is a great, "Oh Crap!" button to stabilize a bad situation (that I should really use much more often than I do). I love having a healer with a low-cooldown interrupt, since they are so important in Mythic+ dungeons. Spamming chain heal is a nice way to get the whole party up fairly quickly. I also have them throw down a capacitor totem during my AOE rotations which helps on big trash pulls. They do pretty good DPS while healing as well (especially with a 1-2 Igneous Potential Azerite traits). However, they are NOT that mobile and have no battle rez, which I definitely miss sometimes.

    It is fun to have all the max level and geared healers so I can just play around and see what works best.
    10-boxing Alliance Sargeras and Kil'jaeden

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    And yet another - my first Mythic+10. The timer was well expired by the end, but I was happy to finish it!

    10-boxing Alliance Sargeras and Kil'jaeden

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