Hi there all, I’m new here and his is my first post. Brief background about me, I started multiboxing 5 priests in legion and into bfa and made a ton of gold and had a lot of fun. However, classic-wotlk is way more exciting in my opinion so needless to say I’m pumped to do multiboxing in classic.

im still undecided on what comp I will be running, I know my main will be a warrior so that’s 100% a slot taken. I initially thought that 5x warrior would be fine but these forums made me think that dungeon grinding is the way to go. Therefore, I don’t think 5x warriors would work would it? I am taking off 2 weeks of work so I should be able to hit 60 before I go back.

so I’ve seen a lot of posts about warrior and shaman which I think sounds awesome, but then it got me thinking well having a mage for ports and a warlock for summons would be nice. And then I realized doing all the class quests for totems, stances, and demons would be really inefficient due to them being in all different areas. This is a huge turnoff for me, and I also feel like I would play my characters to their potential if I played 5x of something or 1x and 4x of another. However, obviously synergies and whatnot might make up for this but I’ve never multi classes and feel like I might be better off sticking with 5 warriors. Thoughts?