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    Default Anyone try Lidc?

    I did a little ghetto dual-boxing in wow vanilla and am going to start playing wow again in classic. I'll be subbing to 3 accounts so I can play with my kids and thought might as well get into multiboxing.

    I'm still trying to figure out what software I'll use, preferably something easy, ISBoxer is of course a contender, but have any of you tried Lidc I can't seem to find any reviews of anything about it but it's slightly cheaper and looks good.

    I don't have active wow atm, I could try it using trial accounts in bfa but I'll wait until closer to classic's launch as to not waste the 30 day free trial. Anyways thanks.
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    Never heard of this before, but if you don't want to spend money on something great like isboxer, hotkeynet still works and is free
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    It kinda looks like an updated version of Keyclone for 2019, but at $35/year instead of Keyclone's $20/lifetime. If Lidc was maybe $20/year, I could see it being more of an alternative to, or competitor with ISBoxer, but if you're already willing to go with a program that requires an active subscription, then it's hard to pass up IS/ISBoxer for just an additional $1.25 every month.
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    I am willing to go subscription if necessary. I've been looking into ISboxer which seems rather complicated but powerful. Problem with subscription/paid is classic isn't out yet, so I don't want to pay for something so far out, yet I want to have everything ready when it does launch so free but harder to use may be better as I have time to get things figured out using sub 20 characters on bfa trial accounts. Is ISboxer the only way to be able to switch characters quickly and be able to still control the other characters without using a different set of assist macros? I was watching ISboxer setup video and they were using a wow addon rather than assist macros which was really cool.

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