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    Default Trying to create Combat Broadcast Key.

    World of Warcraft.

    Ok so i know by default you have keys 1-9 work on every team you have running... What I am trying to do is make #2 a round-robin for my death knight team without affecting it for my druid team... So I want #2 key to continue to work normally while I am playing druid team but when I play death knight team I want the #2 key to be round-robin. I am struggling with this. I created a copy of ISB42 - Combat Broadcast and ISB42 - Combat Broadcast Hotkey and renamed them both to include "Death Knight" right after the "ISB42 - " part. Then I went to the Death Knight team under my "character sets"... Then clicked on "Key Maps" bottom left corner and unchecked the Combat Broacast and Combat Broacast Hotkeys and then made sure the Death Knight versions of those were highlighted blue... save... extract... Now none of my buttons work so im struggling with this, can anyone help please? I can reverse it and go back or I can Round-robin some other key on my keyboard but I really want this to work with my #2 key for round-robin but I dont want it to affect my other teams. The Round-robin key im putting on #2 is Gorefiend Grasp for Death Knights... this way it is more effective rather then mashing #2 normally and having all of them use the ability at once. I didnt have this problem making my R key round-robin for Death Grip but I guess now imhaving this problem becaus I want one team to use #2 for Round-robin without affecting the other teams. Also when I didcreate the round-robin "R" key for death knight specifically I went top left corner, right click under key maps, choose "new kep map" then made it "death knight team hotkeys" thats where I made that round-robin R key then activated it under my death knight team....I cannot add a round robin #2 key there though because it is by default in the combat broacast keys... so I figured I probly have to fix it somewhere in there I just dont know how exactly.

    Long story short:

    I cant make #2 key round-robin for one team without affecting all teams.
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    Long story short ....

    DISCLAIMER - I am not a "pro"

    First ... keybinds are set to execute a mapped key, so hotkey 2 in combat broadcast set will execute the mapped key called 2 in the combat broadcast hotkey set , witch will execute assist , autointeract (if you setted those) and the ingame 2 key.
    What you are doing is just renaming the key maps , so the hotkey 2 is told to execute the same steps as before. Now you run into problems sience you disablem that set of keys from broadcasting, nothing is happening ...

    So ..

    You need to go into you're new renamed key maps (aka ISB42 - DK i soppose) , and tell it to execute the key in ISB42 - DK Combat Broadcast (or how you renamed them) .... OR you can just create another key set for the entire team and tell it what key to execute, and only assign it to the DK team ....

    Would also help if you share the config ...


    EDIT: Some spelling ...
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