I read through many of the discussions in the various threads in this 'WoW Classic' sub-forum on 5 man team compositions and the points around Healer + 4 Warlock seem pretty compelling to me for both PVE & PVP.

I am curious how people would rank the Healer options from best to worst for the 4 Warlock team and what folk see as the main pros/cons of each healer option with 4 Warlocks.

Ideally I want to understand which healer options are best for PVE & PVP but if some are great for PVP but not as much for PVE (or vice-versa) that would be fine to denote that also (could be separate rankings for PVE verses PVP if need be).

Personally I will likely main a healer and if I had to pick PVE or PVP as a priority for multi-boxing likely I would prioritize my group for PVE dungeon farming alone and otherwise take my healer to PVP events with other players and guild PVE dungeons/raids.