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    Default DynamicBoxer for ISBoxer: Dynamic Teams - alpha/beta tester needed/welcome !


    I've got a first rough working version of an idea I had a while ago:

    I don't want to have to go back to ISBoxer Suite each time I create a new team (just my personal preference, if you love making new teams in ISBoxer + export any change, continue and move on) so I made a prototype addon modifying the behavior of ISBoxer in game addon so it doesn't have to be:

    The way ISBoxer works currently is you need to create a new team for each and every combination of characters you may be multi-boxing with
    This addon allows you to create only 1 team per layout and dynamically load any characters you wish into it
    Likewise it lets you create new characters and teams without having to go back to isboxer suite and export to innerspace
    This is quite important for instance in classic when you can't create your teams ahead of time and want to get going asap with your teams

    The current release as of this writing is
    but check in case (likely) I made a new one since

    Please give it a shot and give me feedback here (and/or on !

    If you use multiple bnet accounts in your team, please turn on broadcasting and do
    /dbox c Foo1234
    (replace Foo1234 by your main bnet handle or any other unique to you id)

    And while you are at it
    /dbox s someuniquesecret
    (I'll add some UI for that later, or hopefully, once the kind folks at innerspace/isboxer adopt the idea, they'll generate a unique password and channel for you at export time)

    Edit: the UI is there now so just log in and broadcast set channel/password in all windows, only needed once per account (it's saved) - see this update

    you can get it from here as well:
    and curse/twitch client
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    5,8 boxing wow with DynamicBoxer for isboxer, give it a try!
    (was 8 Boxing Wow with HotKeyNet)
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