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    Default Ui setup for healing

    I got my Video fx set up and i i have 2 region made with vuhdo one for each pally above my click bar. and surprise they both work!! thanks to MiRai for the great videos.
    now that im done im looking for some input how i might have done this better from those with more experience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grundel View Post
    now that im done im looking for some input how i might have done this better from those with more experience.
    It will probably help to know where you feel you're limited, in order to give any feedback.
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    I'm only limited by knowledge. I feel i have a good set up here to start with. i made a clone of the group i want to play in classic and i am level ing them on retail with this ui and healing set up. but maybe there is a way that is better that people use. they say yea thats good but This method is better. i realize everything is subjective to the user. people have different setups that fit different play styles but as i try to take my training wheels off and try a harder version of multi-boxing i want to learn methods that have made the best multi-boxers successful. That is why i got the dxnothing setup and video fx. i want to use the time i have before classic release fine tuning my methods.

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    There are different ways of doing it for sure. Ultimately it depends on what you're looking for and specifically your hand eye coordination.

    The two main ways are:

    Clicker (grid + clique / isboxer)
    Keyboard (keymaps isboxer)

    I chose keyboard as my hand eye coordination on an ultrawide monitor is crap. Plus it's so easy to be on different characters and never having to worry about vfx latency which does happen.

    In IsBoxer this would be a keymap with individual keys for healing individual party members.

    Then each would call a WoW named macro. These look like this:

    What you're looking at is a series of gnomesequencer macro calls. Based on the type of healer. Those are action target groups. I have one for each type of healer just about. Then when the healer clicks a gnomesequencer macro for the type of healer it is, it will heal that specific named slot.

    Here are two examples of the gnomesequencer macros. Note: You don't have to use gnomesequencer, you can also pipe the commands directly to WoW keymaps, you can simplify it with /target {SLOTX} to not name each party member but me personally this works the best. It comes down to preference. I like for example to keep my target the enemy on the healer and still have access to each party member on keypress.

    EDIT: Here's one more.

    In this one you can see the keymap mapped key is calling a named WoW macro called SLOT 1, with the shift modifier for the AE macro.

    As said earlier there are TONS of ways to do this. You need to pick the one that works best for you and well, they all have drawbacks. The method I use can be an absolute chore sometimes but the payoff when it all comes together is very nice. Just be ready for expansion events that obliterate classes to be a headache.
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    There's click-healing, and there's FTL keymapped healing, but some prefer @mouseover keybinds.

    So I have my Grid2 (simple version like Vuhdo) set to show up to 10 characters horizontally, sorted alphabetically, so they are always in the same place on each screen. Then I can send 'sync cursor' for any healing mapped keys.

    For example button 3 is a relaxed heal
    On disc priest it maps to /cast [@mouseover,help] [@targettarget,help] Power Word: Shield
    On holy paladin it maps to /cast [@mouseover,help] [@targettarget,help] Holy Light
    So if my mouse is in the Grid2 areathen I heal a specific character, or otherwise I'm healing the whoever the boss is targeting.

    Button 2 is a urgent heal
    On disc priest it maps to /cast [@mouseover,help] [@targettarget,help] Shadow Mend
    On holy paladin it maps to 2 actions: /cast [@mouseover,help] [@targettarget,help] Holy Shock
    and /cast [@mouseover,help] [@targettarget,help] Flash of Light
    On guardian druid it maps to /cast Frenzied Regeneration
    On assassination rogue it maps to /cast Crimson Vial
    On arcane mage it maps to /cast Prismatic Barrier
    and so on. This way I know when I need an urgent heal, all the characters try to heal themselves just in case.

    But this works not only for heals, but anything you need to target to party like decurse or cleanse, slow fall, leap of faith, beacon.

    Why do I like this style of play? Because I prefer to use the mouse buttons for mouselook, targeting, movement, IWT, follow, spread, etc so click-healing is not so handy for me.

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    If it's working for you, great. For me, having the health bars at the bottom of the screen is too far from where my eyes are focusing and too far for the mouse to travel. So I put them in a vertical setup just to the right of center screen (much like MiRai does in his videos). This allows me to watch the target, what it's casting (for stuns) and the health bars all at the same time. Also, for boss mobs I try to position the tank so I can see the rest of the team near the center of the screen as well so I can move them when they're standing in fire/poison/etc. Finally, I just leave the mouse inside that VFX "window" during the fight, switching to whichever member needs healing. The only time I move outside the window is if I need to move or turn the tank and for ground target AOEs.

    I set one number (3) to trigger a click broadcast (this is a way to do ground target AOE's within ISBoxer). Driving from the tank when I push 3, I then look over at the mage screens to properly position my AOE.... but if the final target happens to end up in the VFX field, on the original screen, it fails! My only work around for this, at this point, is to make sure that doesn't happen (or just avoid ground target AOEs). This would be an advantage to putting them at the bottom of the screen....

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