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    Default A beginner trying to figure out WPVP

    Trying to get some hype and discussions going for the new 8.2 patch. I'm getting my 120's ready for farming the new zones after a short break from the game.

    I fooled around with some world pvp on my main (not setup for multibox) geared DK. I had 2 balance druids backing him up, with about 30 less ilvl than him. They seemed pretty useless as they were just standing there vulnerable. They died pretty fast and left me on my main against 2 other players. I managed to kill one of them and died shortly after.

    Any tips for WPVP? It seems ranged dps is very hard to control without being able to follow, or at least the balance druids were.

    It almost seems like a better idea to park them in stealth close to my main, and control one character at a time, quickly switching screens.

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    Ranged aren't viable anymore, you should go with a full melee team and use IWT + stop/backward key to control them.

    You don't have a lot of choices about composition, it'll depends on how many characters you run. If you run 3 I wouldn't recommand you to focus on PvP. As long as you are against solo players it'll be easy, but as long as you'll be against more, you'll be dead. You won't have enough dps to kill them faster than they will kill you.

    If you really want to do 3 characters I would recommand you to play something like 3 rogues or 3 feral druids, so you can chose when you want to gank and go stealth again.

    If you can go with more (10 characters is nice for WPvP), you can go with Unholy DKs, it's the most viable class as far as I know, and you can switch 1 or 2 DKs for healers if you want more survability. You can also go with Enhancement Shamans or Paladins but I don't think they're as good as DKs. As long as you'll kill some people, they'll make large groups to kill you (especially if you have several characters on Bounty).

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    I am fine with a ranged team, I don't necessarily kill runners but I sure don't die when 2-3 try to gank me
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