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    Default Pally, Warlock, Mage 3man leveling comp suggestions

    Main reasoning for Pally, Warlock, Mage, would be that I can wand spam on the mage/warlock for damage. If I can even spam shoot the wand on 2 characters at the same time IDK. I vaguely played vanilla, so hopefully someone with more knowledge and a better memory will be able to help me.

    Personal PROS:

    Mage ----- Portals, AoE, Slows, BLIZZARD, Shoot Wand

    Warlock - Voidwalker Tank, Free Mount, Shoot Wand

    Paladin -- Heal or Tank, Buffs, Free Mount

    Any problems that I may face with this comp, or any substitutions suggested? This will mostly be used an Alliance leveling comp (PVP server) with farming in mind at the endgame.

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    I think it should be good.

    I think wand damage should be relatively low so you probably don't want to use it as your main attack, except for early lvls maybe. But you can make water with mage and convert hp to mana on warlock.

    The only sort of negative thing is that I think paladin will probably mostly just idle when there isn't anything to heal or use supportive skills on, but it will be a great support when needed.

    Paladin have Divine Shield, Blessing of Protection, Blessing of Freedom. Auras. Hammer of Justice. Lay on Hands. Really supportive skills.

    Mage have Frost nova and since you will be Alliance there won't be any gnomes that escapes from it. Great to buy some time against melee. With Ice block you have another way the opponent can't kill you quickly.

    Warlock can get Soul Link from spec (not neccesary the best but a good option if warlock gets nuked much) to get 30% of damage taken shared with pet, and with voidwalker you can sacrifice it for a strong shield. So warlock should be hard to kill also.
    With felhunter you can dispel, so you have 2 characters that can dispel magic effects so you should be able to counter CC quite well.

    Healers shouldn't have any chance of surviving your Counterspell + felhunter silence + Hammer of Justice.

    I think you should easily be able to use mouseover polymorph or fear, using both without focus would be hard, although you could control mage and use mouseover polymorph and fear on your target.

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    In vanilla there was a macro to allow you to spam wand without resetting the timer. Not sure how that will work in classic. Try /cast !shoot.

    There's nothing wrong with your group composition for questing and farming but if I were to 3box I'd go something that can tank, heal and DPS to form the core of a dungeon group. You can spend a fair bit of time looking for a tank or healer sometimes whereas finding 2 DPS will take about 4 seconds.

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    Ty for the fast replies...

    I was thinking about a Warrior instead of a Warlock, but from what I see from the beta they seemed rage starved all the time leveling. Again I never really played vanilla, so it's just what I see. And as for having a tank, heals n dps covered in my comp for dungeons, it was definitely considered, but at that point I might as well add 2 more mages and have my own 5 man team..

    Hmm, decisions, decisions. I picked a 3 man leveling team so I can gingerly quest and enjoy leveling at my own pace, with out 2 much of the hassle of lugging around too many alts. 2 seems ideal, but then why not add one more and overdo it is my philosophy.

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    Druid can heal, tank or DPS without having to respec. They're a pretty solid jack of all trades pick for your main window.
    Paladin can heal or tank without having to respec.
    Mage can DPS, CC and supply utility.

    Pretty well rounded 3man.

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    Retail version Druid/Pal/Mage also a top 3 man pick? Thanks for thoughts and no offense meant by 'crossing the (wow) streams'.


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    I don't know if they will fix this vanilla, but in the original one, only warriors could tank. Paladins and druids weren't good for it. Paladins also couldn't dps and were only there to heal. Druids were only good for healing as both dps specs weren't very good.

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    omegared, you're correct to an extent. Warriors are the only ones that were used for raid tanking. Druids were OK tanks, but only as useful as a fury warrior in dps gear was. Paladins were good at AoE threat tanking short encounters - such as pulling large groups in 5 mans, but needed to drink almost every pull and could not put out good single target threat and have defensive stats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by omegared View Post
    only warriors could tank.
    This is not true at all. Warriors were generally the most optimal tank but druids can tank just about every raid in classic, especially if you're speed running farm content and you have very geared DPS. Druids have much higher single target TPS than warriors.

    Also, paladins were excellent off tanks for fights with a lot of small adds or for dungeons. They have the highest AE threat. There are multiple encounters where anywhere from 2 to 8 tanks are needed so having off tanks available is very important in classic.

    Quote Originally Posted by tchallaaoc View Post
    Retail version Druid/Pal/Mage also a top 3 man pick?
    No idea I haven't played retail in years.

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    People should take the advice from these private server heroes with a grain of salt. Whole bunch of them popped up on this site in the last few months.

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