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    Default New to Death Knights in General.

    So I'm new to Death knights but everytime I see youtube videos of this DK multiboxer "Malseph" in wow i cant help but wonder how the heck does he use the right ability for all of them... Are there any good macros that anyone knows of? I want to get a team of 16 Death knights for world pvp, LFRs, and probly some mythics. The reason why death knights is because I read they were really strong for PVE and PVP especially with their self healing capability. I've played since vanilla but never could understand the death knight with runic power and runes. I have gnome sequencer addon if thats the best way to go about multiboxing death knights, but as far as the macros im pretty clueless as to what these guys are using.

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    Well, there are 2 approaches:

    1. Have your setup handle the rotation.

    2, Play them yourself.

    # 1 Works well in teams consisting of many different specs and roles and with specs that are more or less "press whatever is available" such as Rets, Frost DK to an extent, etcetc. Specs that do not fall under that category don't do quite as well, or you need to have multiple different rotations to spam, to build up resources, stacks, whatever and then using them. .

    I honestly think # 2 is the way to go when you're playing a team consisting of only 1 DPS/tank spec. Personally for my DK team I've chosen to play them with more or less a straight broadcast system, with each spell having it's own hotkey. The same attack keys just triggers a baseline healing rotation on my healers that I then virtualize to other healing rotations when needed. So I have full control over the DKs spells, less so of the healers.

    Neither system is perfect. With #1 you're relying on your pre-set rotation to be correct and to an extent it is always more or less an educated guess as to what your character should most likely be doing. With #2 you have more control, but since all characters respond to the same keystrokes, you're playing for the highest average yield in terms of what you should be doing at any given time. This means some characters will be doing the wrong action, unless you somehow manage to implement and have perfect control over each and every spell of each and every character.

    I am going to go out on a limb and say that no one is achieving perfect results with either method (even if simple specs can come fairly close). There's always variables that are more or less impossible to deal with perfectly while running multiple characters. It's the trade off we're making to control all the characters ourselves and for a large part where the fun and challenge comes from.

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    I assume you're fairly experienced multiboxing if you plan on running 16. But even experienced I really doubt you'll be able to micromanage that many at once so stuck with option 1 in Wubsie's post. I have a pretty good priority rotation that is a bit low on DPS but survivability is top notch.

    You don't need that many for mythics or LFR are you mostly after WPvP? DKs seem a good choice for that but 16 a bit overkill it would be fun with 5.

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    I think the way it works in retail these days is something like:

    * Create lots of characters.
    * Download latest GnomeSequencer Enhanced.
    * Download and import latest GSE macros for every class from
    * Bind all keyboard keys to fire the GSE DPS thingy.
    * Roll face on keyboard.
    * ???
    * PROFIT!

    [edit] Yes, I'm being snarky but the tool does a really good job if you can find a working GSE macro setup for your class/spec. In fact, it's so close to conditional macros that I'm amazed they still allow it.
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