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    Default Diablo 3 Multibox Rat Runs?

    Just wondering if anyone has ever tried multiboxing rat runs in diablo 3? I tried finding some videos on youtube specifically for that but no luck yet. Group would consist of one Zbarb, one Znecro, two Rathma mage necros. If you have done it how was it? Is it worth trying out?

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    I was curious to what exactly entails a rat run in d3. I know it includes 2 necros with mages and a couple supports.

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    Let me preface this by saying that as a multiboxer the most difficult thing to do in D3 is keeping your team together. It is possible to do though not easy. Most if not all teams and setups will revolve around movement.

    Rat = Rathma set based on Singularity mages
    Though Rats never use the set anymore, instead they use the Legacy of Nightmare Gem and the legendary items best made for Singularity mage build.

    Rat runs are made of a Barbarian and monk support with 2 rat necros. Basically just keeping the necros defense up and mobs debuffed, so the necros dont die .They also help with producing health globes and picking them up to supply the necros with constant mana. You can run a support necro instead of a support monk, for multiboxing i would probably go with the support necro like the video below displays, but it's based on a few patches ago, and monks are really good supports at the moment so most runners use them. Support monks run Epifiny though, and the auto teleporting it does can ruin your day as a boxer. Problem is, i dont know how viable support necros are this patch as i havent touched one and never see them. They will be buffed next patch and definitely viable, but then Rat necros are getting nerfed out.

    This guy posted a video that is somewhat relevant

    Rats are going to be nerfed next patch so they wont really work anymore.

    What i run currently is between two builds, depending on which is viable at the time, and those are Whirlwind barbs and Condemn Crusaders. They are perfect for multiboxers being that you can make sure your characters stay together and their abilities dont interfere much with movement at all.

    2 WW barbs with 2 support Barbs are probably our multiboxing top GR team. I WW all together on all four throughout the rifts and almost never get separated.
    2 Condemn saders and 2 supports were able to destroy high Grifts a couple seasons ago.

    Some builds work well if you can deal with resetting your team position more often than not. Teams like multishot DH's and Wave of Light Monks without Epifany or other teleporting abilities can work well if you have zero lag. Force stop hotkey is probably mandatory.

    I havent taken this game very seriously, i dont have the time, just do it for fun and seasonal rewards so take my opinions with a grain of salt
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