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    Default LG Onscreen Control

    Hey all,

    Fairly new to ISBoxer and have currently purchased a 38WK95C LG Monitor. These come with software called "Onscreen Control" which allows me to split the screen anyway I want. This software recognizes when I load world of Warcraft, how ever when I use Innerspace to launch so I can multibox, the software doesn't recognize it and wont fit it to the split screen.

    This is a screenshot of the UI for the split screen. It allows me to choose the programs that are recognized and it has InnerSpace selected but still no luck.
    If anyone has used this and or can help, would be greatly appreciated.
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    Innerspace is the control program. It just loads 5x wow.exe so I don't think the LG software will be able to differentiate between separate instances.

    Furthermore, if you have ISBoxer set up to do virtualised windows with dxNothing, then there is no point to split the screen with LG software, as dxNothing is kinda already doing that.

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