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    Default Octopus perfect on win7, broken on win10 ?


    I've been using Octopus software for multiboxing Wow on my old Laptop until 2 years ago without any issues.
    Last year, I purchased a brand new Desktop. I thought I might give it a try again, before Wow Classic comes out.
    I installed all the things I need : Octopus, the official version of WOW, and for fun a private vanilla copy (I wont go into details).

    Octupus is basic : it's supposed to detect Wow as soon as the game is launched, and enables you then to broadcast keys.
    On my new Desktop (win10), Octopus does not detect any game (neither official nore private server).
    I made a try on my old Laptop again (win7), made the same installations, and Octopus makes exactly what he's supposed to do, both on official and private server.
    On both computers, I launched octopus as admin, with compatibility mode for windows xp/vista.

    Something is blocking octopus on my Win10 desktop, and I have no idea what it is.
    I know the software is old and not supported anymore, but maybe i'm missing something basic, maybe there's hope to make it work again ? It was so easy to use !

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kohoutek View Post
    On both computers, I launched octopus as admin
    Are you specifically right-clicking on the program and choosing to run it with administrative privileges? If yes, then I, personally, don't know what the issue could be, as I've never used Octopus and am not too familiar with it.
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    The main issue is probably the Octopus (1.3.8a at least) is a 32-bit app and the WoW client is 64-bit. I also notice I cannot make it launch with the wowhook enabled, so it won't do background clicks.

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    Ouch, i'm so sorry i've wasted your time...
    I found the problem, the software was not setup correctly :x

    My bad.

    Thanks anyway for your help, and happy m-boxing to all
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