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Thread: 2-5 Priests

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    Default 2-5 Priests

    Hi. I am going to play classic and I am sure I will have a shadow priest as a main. Used to play it in vanilla.

    Would multiple priests be fun?

    Blackout, fear (not dispellable before tbc I think), defensive and offensive dispel, silence, VE, Devouring Plague, WotF, Mind Control.

    Pain, DP and Mind Flay might work well on feared targets if this is true in vanilla: "Mind Flay also counts as a dot and has a reduced chance of breaking the fear."
    Might still break quickly when multiple characters dots are ticking.

    I intend to get Anathema + r10-13 (the higher the better, but 12-14 is probably a bit too hard without premade bgs). I have plenty of time, but I think faster honor in bgs than in world pvp is a bigger issue.
    Might have to join 3 seperate guilds to do MC until I get Anathema, and maybe more.

    Would also have to buy water from mages, but that will probably work fine and I can lvl a 2nd team with 1 or more mages in it to make my own water.

    How high ranks in pvp do you think is reasonable to get (without bgs)?

    How many characters do you think would be good and fun?
    2 might be too few. Can't counter cc that well then, especially rogue. The reduced ability to move and act like a solo player would be able to is pretty bad with not too much gain so might not be worth it.
    3 might be enough to get a lot of value of all abilities.
    5 might be excessive, bothersome to lvl and to gear up. More damage because more but mostly too many of same abilities to use them all in 1 fight.

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    Not my cup of tea. Squishy, poor burst damage and run OOM very quickly.
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    Honestly, the amount of characters you play and what you want to accomplish are going to go hand in hand.
    Since you're planning to main shadow priest, I assume you're wanting to raid/pvp solo some. Given this, honestly I would not play 2 priests in your duo box set up. With shadow priest being required, I would suggest dual boxing with either a mage (free water, portals) or warlock (shadow buffing each other, voidwalker). For 3 boxing, mage and warlock would be very good as you get both of the gains. Once you get to a 3 or 5 box set up, especially in classic, certain quests become very time consuming. My personal opinion is, for a person playing mostly alone, doing either 2 or 5 boxing is going to be the best in classic.

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    Having a Mage is nice, Food and fast travel,-

    I'm sticking to 3x Warlocks, 1 Priest and 1 Mage. - Priest will be disc. Stamina buff plus fear, shackle, extra heal.
    Classic: Tauren Shamans Level 60- Failarena. US
    -Second Team: 10 box- 8x Mages 2 Priest

    multiboxing live @ youtube @

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    Priests going oom so easily is a big problem...
    Maybe 2 priests, 1 druid, 1 mage, 1 warlock?

    Having a druid to tank could be really good to be able to do dungeons and things like that.
    Tanking for dungeons. Could go Moonkin or resto in pvp. Motw. Can AoE. 2 dots. Thorns (I guess 30-50 dmg per hit). I think stun doesn't share DR with blackout. Having Battle Ress is also useful although 2 sec cast is quite long in pvp fight.
    If I have 1 priest heal and other dps, then I can use innervate on the shadow priest if it runs oom too much.

    Mage is probably best to have also since I need hundreds of water every session I play.
    Doesn't feel like it would perform too good, mana efficient but hard to kite properly while multiboxing and hard to make use of shatter.
    With ice block it could survive being nuked.
    Maybe play from mage and use a mouseover polymorph macro, otherwise it would be hard to use polymorph and try to kite and control enemy movement with mage.

    Having a warlock might be worth it. Soulstone on the character that tend to die first. Dots so goes well with priest and druid damage.
    Could use Felhunter to add another way to dispel magic and to silence enemy and find rogues. Could use Voidwalker it to tank elites when I am not feral as druid. Imp could also be good to add some burst protection with some more hp.
    Don't think Death Coil share DR with any other spell.
    Curse of tongues is a pretty good anti healer ability.
    Can make Healthstones for everyone (1440 heal I think)

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    Just to clarify; priests are pretty efficient while healing. They only go OOM quickly while trying to DPS.

    Druids are solid dungeon tanks but there's no reason I can think of to have two priests in a group unless you just really want to priests for some reason. A second mage or warlock would make more sense.

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    Is Vampiric Embrace x4-5 enough to keep priests alive while multidoting ?

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    Unless I was leveling a solo character or a class which is optimal for leveling solo (like a Hunter or maybe a Druid) I would level a full group of 5 characters as it just seems like a waste not to...

    If I was doing a general purpose spell based group that was fully Dungeon capable (for an initial or only group at cap) I would include:

    • -1 Druid (for a true tank option that can also go ranged spells/heals);
    • -1 Mage minimum in the team (unless I already had an alt one at cap for free water);
    • -1 Warlock optional (summons and other nice synergy/utility);

    You can somewhat solve at least one DPS Priest's mana problem if you make that Priest the "kill stealer" assuming you can control your damage... You basically would need to modify your setup to allow that priest to focus a target at low health while the rest of the group switches to another target so that your priest gets the kills to leverage both 'Spirit Tap' & 'Meditation' Talents to both double that Priest's Spirit and boost mana regeneration +65%.

    The other Priest would focus on healing which is more mana efficient than DPS for a Priest... For really long fights where mana is an issue for both Priests you would prioritze kill stealing for the healer and only give the DPS priest any left-overs...

    That kind of setup should help you to support 2 Priests (one as DPS and one as Heals) in Dungeons... I don't really see 3+ as being that viable.
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    Im currently running a 5 spriest box (lvl46 right now). I rarely run out of mana, so far it has been extremely fun and relatively easy to setup. Go for whatever u like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eclipz8002 View Post
    Im currently running a 5 spriest box (lvl46 right now). I rarely run out of mana, so far it has been extremely fun and relatively easy to setup. Go for whatever u like.
    Have you been leveling solely in dungeons from level 20+ as a 5man shadow Priest team?

    What dungeons have you fully completed (at least all main bosses) so far and what were your lowest levels when you completed them?
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