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    Default 1 druid tank, 1 druid heal and 3 rogue ? Viable for dungeon and wpvp ?

    The focus is to have a fully stealth capable team for wpvp, seems kinda fun. (Maybe stealth run in dungeon ?)
    But i know that the druid is far from the best tank, and i guess i will miss dispell magic from the healer (+slow cast from standard healing).
    Do you think this is playable in dungeon ? For raid, i will probably focus on one character only.

    And for wpvp, when you put aside the stealth part ?

    Other problem that came in mind was : No rez on druid.
    That can be really annoying. I guess i could stack the full team with engenering and jumper cable but it's not always working.

    My memory from classic is bad (i was playing solo priest and only started boxing at BC) and i never played druids, so my knownledge about them is vague and incomplete.
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    I dont have personal experience with this comp, but if it helps at all,

    it's a great boss farming group when you are a few levels above the dungeon. You're tank will almost never have aggro unless you give him a 10 second head start on every pull. You're almost better off just adding another rogue and evasion tank bosses. Your trash mob aoe will be phenomenal, and you'll have sap x 4.

    it's pretty bad for group pvp.

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    why not 5 druids in that case (still full stealth) ?
    you get 5 brez no ?
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    I'd think 5 druids would be much better for boxing as well. Feral/resto with insect swarm would give you 10 DoT's, NS and decent cat/bear damage.

    You'd still get ruined by fears in group PvP though. I just can't play a comp that doesn't have some way of countering AE fear. It's horrible.

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    how do you counter a fear bomb ? interrupt the caster if you find them soon enough ? tremor totem ? (how about on ally side?)
    5,8,10 boxing wow with DynamicBoxer for isboxer, give it a try!
    (was 8 Boxing Wow with HotKeyNet)
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    Skull of Impending doom to prevent it when you see the priest running at you, but otherwise, yeah, pretty fucked by fear bomb.
    I didn't plan this but i could eventually roll Horde so at least my rogue will get the racial to break it.
    I thinks it less a bother than back in the day, especially with a full melee team, since you can ITW and usually get most of your team back without micro managing.

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    Skull of impending doom causes a small amount of damage over 10 seconds that removes CC that breaks on damage like polymorph, sap or seduction. The amount of damage it does isn't enough to reliably break fear or roots. Blacksmithing has a trinket that makes you immune and restorative potions can remove 1 debuff every 5 seconds but they're both on pretty long cooldowns. I'm not a fan of being reliant on long cooldowns to avoid CC.

    Countering fears is one of the reasons I like having two paladins in my group. They can dispel single target fears on each other and if they both get feared, one can bubble or trinket and dispel the other. In a way it's more reliable than totems since a skilled player will kill your tremor before fearing.
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    It's a really interesting input, thanks.
    Can you use restorative potion while feared ?

    PvP tricket will be availiable after a while, does the druid and rogue one dispell fear ?

    There is also the Ultra-Flash Shadow Reflector tricket who can be handy. (Reflect shadow spell for 5 sec, 5 min cooldown)

    It's not an anti fear, but taurens druid have War Stomps that could be use to interupt (and of course will of the forsaken for the undead rogue)

    I'm trying to evaluate if fear is a deal breaker, the way to counter it and so on.
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    Insignia of the Alliance removes fears but has a 5 minute cooldown. Versus a couple of people you might run into on your way to a dungeon or something that's fine but in large scale PvP where you'll be getting feared constantly it will be annoying.

    You can't use restorative potion while feared but you get 6 ticks out of it over 30 seconds so as long as you use it at the start of a fight versus anything that can fear you, it should help. The problem with the potion is that it doesn't exclusively dispel fears. It just dispels the first debuff on the list. Fear and other hard CC effects should be displayed first on the left of your debuff list but I'm not sure how that works in classic. Needs testing.

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    If i skip the stealth part and do a :
    1 prot war (Undead)
    2 fury war (Undead)
    1 hybrid dps/tank druid (Tauren)
    1 resto shaman (Orc)

    What do you think ? Viable enought for both 5man and wpvp ?

    For the talent, i really dont know what to use :

    For the resto shaman :
    No idea if it's viable, i focus on 5man and wpvp content. Since i have a druid, i don't really fear about oom, so i'm more focus to get survivability and efficient direct heal.

    The druid :
    I guess, probably something like that :
    Mostly dps, can switch on bear if needed.

    Really no idea about warrior, i need to search a little more about them.

    For the good and bad :
    -Seems decent in term of damage, i know druids dps are meh, but they get they bis weapon outside raid.
    -Decent protection against fearbomb, 3 undead have will of forsaken, they warrior ability and i have a tremor totem. But not perfect thought and i will probably need to spec both Tauren druid & Orc shaman as blacksmith to get the anti-fear tricket.
    -On wpvp, i can close gap with round robin charge with both war & druids, i have plenty of spell interupt option
    -I think it's not a too bad buff synergie, totem to buff melee, druids buffs, inevervate to replenish mana from healer, worst case, i can probably switch the druid to heal in case of oom, one battle rez ...

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