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    Default Silly 5-mans for dungeons/grinding

    So how terrible of an idea are these two groups?

    4 Arms warriors
    1 resto shaman

    Pretty much just go ham with as many extra hits as possible and slug everything to death in a feeding frenzy.


    5 Enhance shamans, drop 20 totems, WF everything to oblivion and also take engineering on all 5 for extra explosion fun.

    I mean, these two teams seem hilarious when they work, but am I allowing the fun of the groups ruin the logic of actually doing anything worthwhile?

    Also, in PvP charging with 4 warriors has to be giggle-worthy as well, right?!

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    I was thinking about the 4 warriors but one set to tank the other 3 to fury or arms. Thinking about the Rp of one male Orc and his 4 girls run all over the place lol

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    lol, sounds like fun
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