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    Default Wow Classic Concerns (Beta Stress Test)

    Greetings! New to posting, so I hope I don't mess this up. So, I actually got ALL five of my accounts in the WOW Classic Stress Test, last week. After the initial hype died down "GM's Spawning Ragnaros and other bosses", I logged into all five accounts. I knew there would be issues with addons in general, but when I logged into each account, a prompt popped up saying there were issues with the ISboxer addon. I was able it run the ISboxer addon, anyways. Once I got into the game, I had several command issues, controlling all five toons. IWT is in the game, but I couldn't get everyone to attack the same target at once. (I was using three rogues and two druids.) Same with interacting with NPC's and quests. Follow did work fine, in pve. Now, I'm still new to ISboxer, but I had zero issues in retail BFA. So, maybe it was something I was doing wrong, I don't know. My questions are, do we expect there to be issues when Classic launches, or is this just a beta testing issue. Has anyone else had a chance to test this with a full group? Also, will the ISboxer be updated for Classic, IF it even needs to be at all?

    I have big plans for classic, like I'm sure we all do, but I can't help but worry about the issues I had. I will be testing it some more on the 29th-30th. I hope I can figure out things, then!

    Thanks to whomever reads this. Some feedback on this to ease my concerns would be great! Ha. I love ISboxer and I've enjoyed reading and watching everything from the Dual-Boxing community!

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