When classic launches I think I am going to give multiboxing a try. I am testing out some different setups on a private server but I am still a novice to all this.

So I am leaning towards a 5 man group with prot/holy pally and 4 mages. I'll be aiming for dungeon farming and pve grinding and I don't currently have any plans to go into pvp. What I'm curious about is would it be better to go all fire with the raw damage, all frost for the great control, or could I mix it 2 and 2 and have the best of both worlds. I'm thinking blizzard to slow and then scorch and fire spells to nuke.

Also would it be better to stack 4 one way or the other for things like the improved scorch or winter's chill? Anyone have any experience with a 4 mage build?