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    Last night I started getting "...addons experiencing large number of errors..." alert and only way to get rid of the LUA errors is to select the disable all addons options. One of the LUA errors has a count counter that just keeps climbing and can't close the LUA error box.

    Only way to login or reload and not get these errors is to disable EMA-C, so pretty confident it's an EMA-C issue. Doesn't look like anyone else is getting this, so it must be a setting or something unique in/on my team that's causing it. Looking at the errors, it looks to be something to do with the action bar?

    Any ideas? Hate not having EMA-C, since it's so awesome.
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    So, I'm pretty sure it has to do with these two items in my action bar (if that's what it's called). They're both related to the Shaman quest, showing up on this team that has no Shamans. I can't find any way to clear them out. The clear button does nothing. I can't clear them out on either team (the team with Shamans and the other team with Shamans that made them appear to begin with.)

    How do I clear them?
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    Quote Originally Posted by killkat View Post
    Hi Ebony, thanks for the great work.

    Does the addon support Asian languages? eg. Chinese. I'm playing on Asian servers, but I've always used English char names, and never had any problems. However, I just decided to try a new team with Chinese char names, and EMA is showing ????? instead of the actual names. ISBOXER is displaying the names correctly and all seem to be working correctly.

    Is there a locale setting or something like that? Thanks
    It does not currently support them names unfortunately and not sure when ill have time to i can see it being very painful to do with ema useing 90% to do with names...

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    Thanks for the update, Ebony.
    Guess now I just need to make a decision on whether to go without the convenience of EMA or recreate the team

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    update!!! new stuff!!

    EMA Version: v1.13.2-Release-v0.6(121020)
    Game Version: 1.13.2
    Release Date: 22/9/2019

    ## Information
    -- Can show current Team Members:
    - Gold
    - Durability
    - BagSpace

    ## Team
    -- Fixed Issue #20

    ## DisplayTeam
    -- Fixed Issue #22

    -- Cleaned Up Old Bfa Code
    --Fixed Issue #13

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    Quote Originally Posted by ebony View Post
    update!!! new stuff!!

    Nice one

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    update again

    EMA Version: v1.13.2-Release-v0.6(121021)
    Game Version: 1.13.2
    Release Date: 24/9/2019

    ## Information
    -- Fixed Issue #23

    ## Trade
    -- Fixed A Bug Where The Groups On Boe And Crafting Reagents Was Not Getting Send To Other Team Members
    -- Added Gray Item Support ( So You Can Have A Trash Character )

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    Is follow broken in the addon? I can't get strobe or aftercombat to work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kett73 View Post
    Is follow broken in the addon? I can't get strobe or aftercombat to work.
    was not last i tried you using it right?

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    I don't know if this has to do with ema, but I have an issue with the tracker. It randomly untracks quests on either one of my two toons.

    not sure if this is the place to post this

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