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    Default NEW EVGA RTX 2080 or USED EVGA 1080 TI, which is better for 16 man boxing?

    As title says just wondering which of these cards would be better to invest in for 16 man boxing? I was looking at the youtube video:

    but I wanted to get yalls opinions. The rest of the rig is 1950x threadripper with 64gb of ram, 850 watt power supply with coolermaster something... X399 gaming motherboard... My current graphic card is a gtx 1060 6gb ram so looking to replace that for a better graphic card. I heard AMD was coming out with a $500 card soon (AMD radeon RX 3080) but not really looking to way that long until that comes out. Specifically the RTX 2080 I was looking at was:

    As far as the 1080 TI with them being so expensive if I got one of those it'd be a used one from ebay from someone thats still got their warranty (probably EVGA brand since their warranties are transferrable, but most of them used seem to only have about a year left on their warranties and just really don't know who you can trust when buying used ya know).

    Thoughts? Which to go with?

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    The two cards perform practically the same, outside of the 2080 having 3GB of VRAM less and the 10-series being terrible at realtime ray tracing. So, it pretty much comes down to:

    If you play games that take advantage of ray tracing (and you want that), then the 2080 it is, but if you want more VRAM, then the 1080 Ti is. However, if you're hesitant to buy used, then the only option is to buy new.

    On the other hand, if you want both ray tracing and 11GB of VRAM, and 20-30% more performance, then the 2080 Ti is sitting there just waiting to empty your bank account.
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    LOL thanks for reply mirai, ill keep my coins far from that 2080 TI until I win the lottery

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