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    Default Wow Classic - beta stress test report - follow in pvp / iwt work!

    After a chaotic start I was able to finally dual box in the classic beta stress test

    I was very happy to see that IWT, follow, isboxer addon in general worked perfectly.
    EMA had some lua error which I'm sure will get fixed soon (filled an issue already)

    But the big news for me was... fighting in PVP mode in the Gurubashi Arena and having follow continue to work !

    Oh and also, I won the fight at level 3 against a level 5 (well ok... I was 2 level 3s with heal vs a mage... but... I won!).

    For your pleasure of seeing follow working in pvp:

    youtube takes a while to process in 1440p so meanwhile,
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    5,8 boxing wow with DynamicBoxer for isboxer, give it a try!
    (was 8 Boxing Wow with HotKeyNet)
    Join many boxers playing Classic on US PvP Alliance: <Epic>@Blaumeux
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