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    Default Diverse Group setup, how to?

    Uhm hi *waves*,

    I have been on this forum some time and fooled around quite a bit with 3-boxing using HKN. I tried Monk-Spriest-Warlock or booster-ranged-ranged. On the forums i see a lot of examples of 4same+1odd. I used to know a guy that 5manned HC's in wotlk. did 5box+2 friends in Naxx10. He had nice diverse group setups but i dont got a clue how he managed to pull that off. WotLK is a long time ago, dont have a clue if he still plays or not but well.. Lets get to the question i have >.>

    I'd like to run a party with warrior tank, shammy healer and then maybe hunter and 2 ranged casters. Ranged is the safest to go with i guess doing multiboxing cos you have to worry less about AoE and all that sort of stuff. In the passed i made macros with a casting sequence so i'd only need 1 macro when questing (no real rotation required) and 1 macro for elites/bosses where a rotation was more prefered.

    The thing that i just can't seem to wrap my head around is how to tank+heal at the same time. Most efficient would be to play the tank i guess, shammy has powerfull heals, let the dps do their thing.
    I made a macro to focus party leader, but assist and interract with target (loot/skinning) i use keybinds for currently.

    Does anyone have any advice about this? really could do with some pointers =/

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    What might be easiest would be to drive from the healer. Add an IWT/CTM to your tank rotation then you can just concentrate on healing.

    But its best to be able to switch to any character to play from. I am not familiar with HKN and not sure how you would do that. I use isBoxer and usually start with one of MiRai's videos then experiment from there.

    Some fights easier driving from the tank, some easier driving from the healer. But you could always just drive only from the healer if HKN doesn't have the videoFX type features.

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    After reading a lot of comments and watching a lot of videos i decided to spend the extra money and use ISboxer instead as well. 50 a year divided by 12 isnt that expensive really.

    Was trying out multiboxing using HKN and it works nice but it is limited i think. IT was quite some fiddling around and am driving from the tank now, using a prot warrior, BM hunter, frost mage, resto druid, elem shammy. I am the only melee and set Healing Surge to a keybind when i need extra healing. Some bosses take a few tries to figure out which multibox mechanic to use. I had quite some trouble with that RDF skelly boss on the p[ile of bones. RFK had an annoying bloodlust boss and Scarlet had that pyromancer guy.

    Besides that healing is easier... I like the spacing/formation options in isboxer as well =)

    I watched all the MiRai's videos as well. that made me decide to drop HKN and go with IS. Thanks for the effort to reply though =) I appreciate it

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    There was a video, I think by Mirai, where he was driving 2 healers from his tank using video fx (in ISBoxer). If you have ever multiboxed and tried to handle healing/tanking/dps simultaneously, that video will sell you on ISBoxer. It's a very efficient way to drive healing from the tank. For the multiboxers I played with, aggro management and movement were the two biggest issues for us (even in vanilla). Early on (I can't remember if it was in the initial release or not) the best multi-box tank was a paladin. That class was good at keeping aggro on several mobs at the same time. This becomes even more important if you're not going to bother with crowd control.

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    if you bought isboxer do set some VFX so you can click heal from the tank, it's super convenient for on the spot heals

    I use healbot and show the healer's healbot on the tank and click it when needed
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