Uhm hi *waves*,

I have been on this forum some time and fooled around quite a bit with 3-boxing using HKN. I tried Monk-Spriest-Warlock or booster-ranged-ranged. On the forums i see a lot of examples of 4same+1odd. I used to know a guy that 5manned HC's in wotlk. did 5box+2 friends in Naxx10. He had nice diverse group setups but i dont got a clue how he managed to pull that off. WotLK is a long time ago, dont have a clue if he still plays or not but well.. Lets get to the question i have >.>

I'd like to run a party with warrior tank, shammy healer and then maybe hunter and 2 ranged casters. Ranged is the safest to go with i guess doing multiboxing cos you have to worry less about AoE and all that sort of stuff. In the passed i made macros with a casting sequence so i'd only need 1 macro when questing (no real rotation required) and 1 macro for elites/bosses where a rotation was more prefered.

The thing that i just can't seem to wrap my head around is how to tank+heal at the same time. Most efficient would be to play the tank i guess, shammy has powerfull heals, let the dps do their thing.
I made a macro to focus party leader, but assist and interract with target (loot/skinning) i use keybinds for currently.

Does anyone have any advice about this? really could do with some pointers =/