Hey all,

I'm planning 5box a party and level almost exclusively in dungeons on classic release. Dungeons have always been my favorite content, and I see it as the most efficient way to get the 3-4 classes I want for end-game, and to support my end-game farming and non-raiding/PVP goals.

I plan to do almost-all dungeon-quests and run dungeons repeatedly. But I'd consider the alternatives of doing each dungeon only once or twice, or the other extreme of skipping dungeons quests with any pre-requisite quests.

For those who have leveled primarily in dungeons before, what's your experience with factors other than leveling speed?
1. Did you find it a pain to hit honored faction rep for discount on mount purchase and repairs?
2. Did you find you fell behind on gathering professions?
3. Did travel to dungeons and for gathering dungeon quests get you a robust network of flight-paths or did catching up on that take additional effort?

Are there any other 'secondary' considerations to make sure to consider when making this choice?
What are some recommended ways to overcome these secondary downsides?

In the end, do you recommend a mix of dungeons and quests (i.e. quests beyond pre-reqs for dungeon quests), dungeons only, or something else?