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    Default Returned after a break

    I tried the x5 Pally trinity combo, but I only got so far before I realised that it's not as good as I had hoped Bosses that fear bomb & mind control just made me wipe so much, (Sunken Temple urgh).

    My Warrior tank, x3 BM hunters and Holy Priest on the other hand (lvl 75 atm), are doing great so far. I just love how the old dungeons are now harder, and that I get to see proper boss mechanics rather than it being a zergfest.. helps me be a better boxer earlier I think.

    Loved Arcatraz and Mechanar.. wow they were tough but I managed them.

    Have unlocked all the Horde allied races, and am now levelling on Alliance to get the Kul Tirans & Dark Irons.

    Anyone else levelling through dungeons and if so how are you finding it?
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    I think the BC dungeons probably the only tough ones. BC timewalking a pain as well.

    I have a couple transmog teams that I locked exp to keep at level so I can just run random dungeons over and over. I haven't found much difficulty, only have 3 of the team actually fighting the others just on follow. Many of the dungeons are still a cakewalk.

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    Started some new demo warlocks having fun in dungons!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ebony View Post
    Started some new demo warlocks having fun in dungons!
    How are the pets holding up? I am 85 with my team and if the pets ever get aggro I find they don't live too well on my Hunters.

    Did Pandaria and Cata dungeons.. gate of the setting sun was easy until last boss where I had to do some fancy footwork.. was funny lol

    Tried Shadowfang Keep Hc and died in 5 seconds flat on first boss.. tbh I have forgotten tactics for that mode as it's been some years.

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    I've been trinity boxing since forever. I recently did a Mag'har team through dungeons. My take is that it's better for you now to get used to multi class setups. There is enormous benefit in group comp beyond tank and healer. Like debuffs, buffs, shroud and some really OP specs deal with mechanics better. Such as DH flight over some mechanics making them trivial.

    I was DK + RSHM + 3 DEMO for most of Legion but now I'm in the midst of a change. The mobility requirements and interrupt requirements in BFA are high. So I am rotating out two warlocks for a rogue and a mage. Still a work in progress.

    That will make my entire comp mixed. It'll be interesting to see how well I can grapple with all the rotations and gifts that each class brings. I'm hoping by maybe end of March I will be in M+ with them. Two melee on top of everything is going to be the most challenging part. For all this I think it's long overdue to have a keybinding for each slot to move independently. Moving them as a group is gone except for the rare occasion they need to move. Too much damage was being lost to moving them together or even partially together.

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    I hit a wall with the team once I hit Legion - I managed timewalking (just about) though. Dropped to 3 now.

    I have boxed since TBC and my first team was x3 Mages Prot Pally and a Holy Priest... but with all these over the top mechanics it's not worth the stress imo.

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    Is shadow priest a good choice for PVE?

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