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    Default Rogue/Druid Two-Boxing

    Hi guys,
    Been a lurker for a while but thought I'd finally say hi. Love the site and all the info. I'm thinking of trying a Rogue/Druid combo for Classic, and I had a basic question that I couldn't find an answer to. Is it better to have two wow accounts on one Battle.Net account or two different Battle.Net accounts? I will usually be running them both from the same PC, but my kids will sometimes want to play the characters separately. So they will occasionally be on separate PCs. What do you recommend? I'll be running ISBoxer if that matters.

    Also, I'll be purchasing a new laptop for this endeavor if anyone has any advice, as far as system req's.


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    IMO, better to be on the same bnet account. That way, you share mounts, pets, achievement perks, etc.
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    Same Battlenet:
    1. Easyer login when multiboxing - same authenticator security
    2. (Do not matter in Classic) share mount, flying unlock, pets, achievement perks etc.
    3. no problems playing separately

    Two Battlnet:
    1. need 2 authenticator
    2. .....
    3. .....
    4. Can play other games like 2 time Heartstone, overwatch etc.
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    Thanks, guys. I'll go with two wow accounts on one Battle.Net account. Now, to find a good laptop that can handle it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beren View Post
    Also, I'll be purchasing a new laptop for this endeavor if anyone has any advice, as far as system req's.
    Quite a bit of hardware advice in the Hardware Tools sub-forum.
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    for classic there is no benefit in having 1 battlenet, only in retail

    also you get multiple chances for beta I suppose

    you can put up to 3 bnet on the same mobile auth
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